June 13, 2007

This is why I blog…

So I have someone to tell all about my odd little days filled with good and bad, especially the good.

The day started off well enough. I got to work and ate my oatmeal with berries. I logged on to see if my test of the Preventive Maintenance (PMs) auto generation worked properly. It did… sort of. This meant tinkering with it all morning and it still wasn't working right. Finally, I set it to run while I was out to lunch and figured I would work on it when I got back.

Trish was picking me up and we were meeting Justin for lunch at Chevy’s at one of the Pentagon malls. First I ran to my car to grab the gift I had for her and the baby. She had offered to pick me up since I was just over the bridge and I was more than happy to let her. So I stood out there on 14th Street waiting for her holding a bag that said “TaDa”. I quickly turned the bag around and gave myself a quick once over to make sure I couldn’t be mistaken for a… You know. Then again they don’t hang around there anymore… Do they? I couldn’t help but laugh and hope she would show up soon, which she did.

I could have stayed at lunch all day. We had a seat outside and Justin and I decided to get the Frozen Watermelon Margarita. YumFookingYum!! We covered a wide range of topics including Boobs. Trish keeps asking me how I deal with them because it’s taking some getting used to. She’s hoping she gets to keep them after the baby arrives. Time flew by too fast and I knew I had to get back and get the test PMs running for the client. We all agreed that our lunch reminded us of a “Sex In The City” episode. None of us could claim to be Samantha but in the end we decided that today Trish was a “Pregnant, Put Together, Charlotte”, I was a “Too Busy Miranda with no Man”, and Justin was “Carrie” because he has the boyfriend, the social life, and just got back from Aruba and is lookin so fine. Beotch! I tried to arrange something where we all go out before Trish has the baby because she could be the DD. Plus she doesn’t need a drop to drink to have a good time or instigate something. I can’t wait to have lunch with you guys again soon. I miss the whole gang not being together anymore.

Back at work I found that all my hard work paid off and the PMs ran perfectly. I documented it and successfully finished some other tasks before heading out. Tonight is class you know and I need to see Mini Red on my way there. I was in a great mood til I came up against Metro Area drivers. They are all over the place and my point was proven as I drove up Cathedral Avenue. Some nut bag not only hit a parked car but his right front wheel was in the parked car’s front windshield. WTF!?!? I know I need to be faster with the camera but I need to see Mini Red before getting to class.

Can I tell you how much I hate Connecticut Avenue on the Maryland side of Chevy Chase Circle? The lanes are so narrow it’s scary and on top of that one of those “Potomac, Suburban Driving, on the phone without a earpiece Mom’s” pulls out from a side road and comes into my lane nearly hitting me. WTF?!?! I even mentioned this to Mom, when I got to her house, who gave an “Oh, one of those” looks because aren’t we all familiar with those women?

So I grabbed a quick bite to eat and a little bit of time with Mini Red before I was off to class. I suggested to Mini Red that instead of watching TV she could read, practice her violin or even write up a review for the blog. I said all of this loud enough so Mom could hear and I think the writing came as a great idea to both of them.

Class was uneventful but a lot of information I'm hoping to retain. When I picked up Mini Red I was glad to hear she spent her time constructively and wrote a post (see previous post).

It was a long day and full of everything imaginable. I think the frozen margarita was key for such a successful day. You should try it sometime, but only one or your right front tire could end up in someone’s windshield.