July 27, 2007

Mini Red’s Night out on the town with Scythian

This all came about when Nicole came to town from Chicago. Her stay got extended and I got an email about the dates Scythian added to their tour. Namely, the CD release party at Flanagan’s Harp and Fiddle in Bethesda. We could all get together see Nicole and listen to some Scythian. This was the perfect chance for Mini Red to finally see them live.

Mini Red has been listening to Scythian for some time now and they have been a real inspiration to her. To see them live was extremely exciting for her.

I made a reservation and my inquiries got us a table smack dab in the middle of it all. I was surprised at how quiet and calm Mini Red was on our way to H&F but that all changed when we sat down. Our group trickled in and I can’t tell ya how nice it is to gather with a good number of friends and listen to some great music. I had been anxious for this evening all week because it just don’t get no better than this.

Mini Red watched intently as the crew was setting up. She would elbow me and say, “Look Mom there’s a Scythian guy. Isn’t that one of them?” Nicole went with Mini Red to go say hi to Dan. For some reason as Mini Red has gotten older she has become shy. She didn’t want to take any pictures and sat rather quietly as Scythian was starting up. I guess I can’t really blame her since she was the only kid there. I would feel out of place especially with so many staring when they realized there was a young girl in the crowd. Plus the adults dancing must have been a sight to her. I know it takes me aback at times too.

By the end of Scythian’s first set Mini Red and I were dancing in our seats. We decided to get ready to leave but then I saw Leks was in the middle of the dance floor and I suggested that Mini Red go up and say hi and get a picture. She didn’t want to do this and I couldn’t understand why. When I offered to go up with her she agreed. She told him she plays the violin and they chit chatted. She told him what an inspiration Scythian has been to her and how this was such a special night since it was the first time she got to experience Scythian live. Leks told her to practice, practice, and practice and told me not to ever let her give up her music. I suggested going up to other band members but she didn’t want to do it. On the way home Mini Red thanked me many times for a great evening. We discussed her not wanting to approach the band and she told me she was afraid they would think she was a freak. I told her they would love to hear how they inspire her and she shouldn’t worry about what others think because in the end she would have regrets and wish she had approached the other band members as she did with Leks.

She then said there was another reason she didn’t want to approach them. Her face already hurt too much from smiling and to meet more of them would make her cheeks hurt even more.

It was a special night and we shared it with some great friends. Everyone seemed to be watching Mini Red for her reactions to it all. One of our friends said, “This will be a night she will remember the rest of her life.” Mini Red agrees.

Thanks guys for another great show. You are truly talented.