July 25, 2007

My Surfer Girl

Mini Red and I were at the beach in the beginning of July. It was chilly but she was in the water none-the-less. She is very good at staying in our sight because none of us were ready to brave the cold water with her. At one point my Father expressed his concern about how far out she was. When I said, "She's the strongest swimmer in the family and handling it great" is when I realized it was true and stopped worrying, but I'm still keeping an eye on her.

Vacation is in less than two weeks and I've scheduled surf lessons for Mini Red. We are both very excited! I plan on sitting on the beach with my coffee watching the lessons in the morning and in the afternoons Mini Red and I will jump waves together.

After our week at the beach Mini Red gets to stay for a second week with Grandma and I get to go back to work. That's when the two of them will do the water park. Yup, my Mom does most of the slides right along with her but I don't think I be posting photos of my Mom running into the water like Mini Red is above.