July 13, 2007

What's a shy girl to do?

It’s Friday and I’m all for being comfortable at work. The pants I chose to wear demand a pink shirt so I wore the one I wear most often with these pants. It wasn’t until I got to work that I noticed some slight discoloration and fear I may have a mark on my shirt. I feel like I’m really slumming it today but I’m not gonna worry about it and just gonna get my work done and get the hell outta dodge. I guess I should have worn that low cut pink top instead.

For lunch I ran for some fish and chips at Eamonn’s. I deserve it with all my hard work lately. The young’n who works there remembers me from around town and I caught him lookin but then I remembered this mark on my shirt… Oh well he’s too young for me and these things ain’t got no milk to feed that baby boy. I have to be sure to go back there soon though since there were some yummy dudes patronizing that place.

On my way back I was stuck waiting for the light to change and I noticed him. It was Court House Boy (CHB) crossing over to my corner to wait with me and the rest of the crowd. I have crushed on this dude for years because he is scrumdiddlyfuckinumptious. We've exchanges a few hellos and the obligatory smiles that translate as, “Hey, how ya doing...Buddy?” With my shirt in disarray and the fact that I tend to be a bit on the shy side not-to-mention I have no idea what to say... You know what I did?

I pretended like I didn't see him.

The problem is... It can be difficult to miss me with the red hair and the hot pink shirt with a possible mark on the boob. So I sucked it all in including my chin and acted like everything was normal and as if he weren’t standing to my left (and back a little). What could I say anyhow? “Is this mark on my shirt noticeable? Right here... Near my boob.

The light changed and I walked ahead doing my best walk possible knowing he might be watching. This was much easier and the back of my shirt doesn’t have any marks… I don’t think. I can’t believe I wore this shirt; it’s going in the trash when I get home.

What else could I have done?