August 7, 2007

I have a secret love crush…

This guy isn’t the normal type of guy I go for. He’s famous and I don’t normally find the famous guys attractive but this dude is intelligent. He's a writer, a chef and has a show on The Travel Channel.

I love that he is well traveled and he has this travel show where he takes you where many have never gone or never will go. There are times he will even get extremely drunk and there are no pretenses about him and loves his cigarettes.

My secret love crush is Anthony (Tony) Bourdain and his show is No Reservations.

I couldn’t even tell you what night his show is on and I just read up on him from Wikipedia and learned a lot about him there. I thought for sure he might be gay but was pleasantly surprised to find out he isn’t.

All I can tell ya is when I catch his show I thoroughly enjoy it because there is something I find incredibly sexy about him. Whatever it is I don’t care I just soak it all up.