August 5, 2007

A new day and some new views

I welcomed this morning a little late and feeling better.

Thanks for listening to my rant. As a single Mom I don't really have anyone to figure some of these things out with. I guess we could say this blog is like my husband. Hahahaha

My sister finally arrived this afternoon amongst some crappy traffic. We decided to go to Seacrets for happy hour so Mom and Dad headed over and Sis and I caught up with them shortly thereafter. As we walked in this dude yelled and scared the crap outta me. He knew my sister from all the summers she had hung out in Dewey. She tells me no one ever knew his name so everyone started calling him Steve-O. Evidently, he calls her Red and I am a Red Sister. I couldn't believe how packed this place was but we are at the height of the season. By the time we arrived the masses were already very happy.

This place is GREAT for people watching. There were some drunk older women grabbing on some of the hot young'uns. There are some really hot women in bikinis and some really... ummm... not hot women in bikinis. This place is where the beautiful and not so beautiful along with the old and young come to mingle all together.

As I looked out over the masses of drunken people dancing in the water I couldn't help but think it was more like an orgy. People out in the water were dancing and lounging on the floats as they are served alcohol. There have been times in the past where a couple on a float start getting frisky and suddenly realize where they are. I guess the whole motion of the ocean bay has something to do with it not to mention all the nearly nekkid people.

If you've never been to Seacrets then you definitely have to check it out sometime but give yourself several days and several different times of the day. Each part of the day brings something new and the frozen drinks, like the Pain in de Ass, will definitely kick your ass and I had a few of those today.

Sis and I picked up a sub from Dumser's on the way back and that was probably the smartest thing since we hadn't eaten much. This all set the scene for me to crash. I didn't even change or wash my face. So now I'm up and I can clean my face and get my butt back to bed because tomorrow is gonna be an early day. Gotta get up early to go get my little Bubbasita (Mini Red) and we have to beat feet back to celebrate Mom's birthday.