September 30, 2007

For the life of me I just can’t seem to microwave popcorn

It always ends up burnt so in my household Mini Red does the microwaving of popcorn.

On Saturday as I was walking into Bloom a little boy chased after me.

Excuse me, excuse me. You wanna buy some popcorn?”

Here is where I would normally say politely, “Not today thank you.”

I don’t know why I didn't stick with my usual. Maybe it was because he was so cute and working so hard to sell his popcorn for his Cub Scout troop. Maybe I was just surprised they were selling popcorn. So I told him I would check it out on my way out.

I am a woman of my word and I was regretting telling him I would stop on my way out. I briefly debated walking out the other door and ditching him but I gave my word. So when I walked out I went right over to their table. It was two little boys and their Moms were standing behind them directing them.

When he said popcorn I didn’t think it would be microwave popcorn but I bought a box because it was for a good cause and Mini Red loves popcorn. The box was $15 so I handed the little boy a $20 but first he had to write it down on his list. His Mom was in the back telling him to take the money and write it down later. She then prodded him to give me my change of $5. You could see the wheels turning in his head as he contemplated this and didn’t want to give me change. After about the third prodding by his mother to give me the five he handed it to me and I thanked them for the popcorn and headed off.

I’m not a big microwave popcorn person but I was glad to help them out. I probably would never have even bought the popcorn if the boy hadn’t been forthright and approached me. I have to admire him for that.

So today, Sunday, I have been working all day… Again. I decided to try popping up some pop corn. I now remember the other thing I don’t like about it… It smells up the whole place. I only burned a little of it and the day is so nice that my windows are all open. The popcorn was good and Mini Red would be so proud. At least some of it was edible but in the future I think I will leave it to her.