September 12, 2007

The Tooth Fairy Goofed

I was cleaning and organizing my email and came across this email:

From : Tooth Fairy
Sent : Wednesday, September 8, 2004 4:55 PM
To :
Subject : Mini Red's Tooth Transportation

Dear Ms. Dudette,

Thank you for your email concerning Mini Red’s Tooth Pickup. We are sorry the tooth wasn't picked up last night. We understand that this caused Mini Red some distress this morning. We are happy to hear she at least found her money.

The Tooth Fairy for your area had a busy night last night and every time she came to pick up the tooth Mini Red was still awake. This in turn made for a speedy drop off of her money and The Fairy missed picking up the tooth.

At this point we ask that Mini Red place the tooth under her pillow again this evening at bedtime. Please ask Mini Red to try and get to sleep as early as possible since for some reason this is a busy time for us.

Thank you for your patience at this busy time.

-Southern Montgomery County Tooth Fairy Division

Obviously, I had goofed up one night and had to do something to help her keep the faith. So I created the yahoo account and sent this email. Mini Red read it and read it again before asking where the email was that I had written to them since she didn’t see it below this one. I played it off well and that was out of selfishness.

See once I was old enough not to partake in such events along came Brotha-Man and Sis. I took over many of the duties of setting things up to look like we were visited in the night by one fairy or another. At Easter I even bit off part of the napkin and Brotha-Man had gotten such a kick out of it think the Easter Bunny was so hungry that he ate some of the napkin. As Brotha-Man and Sis became old enough not to partake I had Mini Red and this became even more fun with her. So at the time I goofed up this situation with the Tooth Fairy Mini Red was questioning me heavily and with a spotlight in my face. I wasn’t ready to give this up so I needed to get inventive.

Now here we are three years later and I know Mini Red doesn’t believe like when she was little but it goes without saying that she must keep up the fa├žade for Mamma Red.