October 24, 2007

Blaze of Devastation: A chance to help

I’m back! Everything is crazy busy lately and I have pictures from the Taste of Georgetown and this past weekend in Chicago. I will get to it eventually but Mini Red, work and school have to come first.

While in Chicago I kept my ear to the ground about these fires in San Diego. My company has an office there and one person has been on my mind… Danean. I remember one year when the fires were blazing and she said she could see them from her back door. So naturally I was concerned she might be in the way of these fires.

Unfortunately, she was in the way but her family is safe. She sent a message yesterday:

“The kids, my mom and I are staying with friends in a kid friendly place and Lance and the dogs are staying in a dog friendly place. We will reunite when we moved into our "temporary" housing for the next year while we rebuild.

The insurance company is being really responsive so far and so many of our friends in town have given us housing options. Having so much local support really makes everything seem manageable. I just make my list each night and check off the items during the day as I finish them.

Thanks for all the support and the kind words.”

Brace yourselves the photos are devastating.
When she evacuated, she had to leave her house with almost nothing. Because they have to stay off the roads, she is not really able to shop. Below is a list of items that she needs.

  • Clothes for her son, size 4T
  • Clothes for her daughter, size 2T or 3T
  • Toys (they especially like plastic animals)
  • DVD's

  • If you would like to help out please email me so we can coordinate something.