October 5, 2007

How to save money when traveling

I have a wedding to go to this weekend and it's gonna be fun.

This is the wedding of a former co-worker, Tran, and he's the one that showed me Blogger and got me blogging. He is also the first person to refer to me as a MILF.

All the young'uns were gathered in the office one day and I said something, I don't remember what. I think he was suprised at my age I would say whatever it is I said. He turned around and said, "Red! You're a MILF aren't you?"

He and his Wife-To-Be have been together for a long time and they suit each other perfectly. Tran is always doing funny videos and even got WTB into it.

Here comes the Bride:

Expect to see more of "The Tran Files" in future posts.