October 11, 2007

I gots to go

I can't live in this building for much longer. The new manager is bullheaded and sits in her office like an Ice Queen, perched slothlike like on her throne, and helps no one. I swear she is there to keep us tenants miserable and everytime we go to her she throws up her hands as if they are a wall and tells us she can't help. I have been a good tenant and have gotten nothing but crap for it.

Everytime a new person moves into an apartment on my floor comcast unplugs my cable. When I called them they tell me they can't come out til Saturday but I just found out the office in my building is no longer open on Saturday. WTF! Now I have to wait til Monday for them to plug the fucker in.

Plus the evil building manager won't let me have access to the room to plug it back in myself. I don't normally raise my voice with people but this woman brings it out in me. Living there is becoming torture.

My only option for the TV is comcast. Direct TV won't work because of the trees and Verizon tells me that when FIOS was coming around the neighborhood my building must have said no. My only other option for internet is DSL and I can't go from highspeed to DSL. Ugh!

Comcast SUCKS!!!! Plus I am stuck in the middle of this fucking monarchy they have in Montgomery County.

Montgomery County needs Cox!

I'm going to either need to buy a place (that I can't afford) or move to Denver for this new project.

This redhead is currently PISSED OFF!