May 19, 2006

Today is the Annual Bike To Work Day

I had completely forgotten it was Bike To Work Day until I was driving down the road and I got stuck behind a Dad and his daughter biking in the road. Not so sure if it's such a good idea to have the kid in the road but I waited because they looked so cute. I get to the stop sign and the daughter crosses the street to another Dad who is waiting with about five other kids, all on bikes. The two Dads say hello and the one continues on. That was Awesome to witness. These parents are making a concerted effort to pass along good values and habits. Yes biking is good especially with these awful gas prices.

We are all being forced to conserve since we are going broke on gas. Maybe this will get more cars off the road and more people on public transportation, walking or biking. For years there has been such an effort to conserve and protect our world and all they had to do was raise the gas prices to heart attack levels.

There were definitely more bikes than runners on the paths this morning but I was surprised there wasn't a bigger turn out. Maybe I was just in the wrong area to witness a bigger show of bikes. If I didn't have such a long commute I might consider it. I guess I would need to get a working bike first.