November 22, 2006

I'm ready to get my eat on or at least bring my Tupperware

My office is bare. No one is here and the silence is deafening. This should be fantastic working conditions but I'm procrastinating.

You would think the drive in to work would have been fantastic but I had the luck of getting stuck behind the slowest people. Maybe I'm just being pissy today? The morning started off with Mini Red and I rushing around and me catching her on the computer emailing. WTF?!?! There is no emailing in the morning! Like most mornings I'm calling after her to make sure she is doing what she needs to do. At one point she starts shrieking under the pressure. I just put my hand up to try and stop her because I couldn't understand her. At that decibel only dogs would have heard her. So I guess this wasn't the best beginning but I made sure she was calm and got a big hug from me before getting on the bus

On top of the slow drivers there was nothing on the radio. I'm sorry but I'm just not able to get into this new Kane dude on Hot 99.5. I miss Mark and Kris and the Hot Morning Mess. The Morning Mess was fresh and Mr. Kane, although still new, is not doing anything different than anyone else. It's boring! So I finally just put on Last of the Mohicans to help sooth my drive and this is working when the best thing happens… I saw Walking Man! I have never seen him in the winter let alone in DC and right there walking up Cathedral. He was actually wearing long pants too! I felt my whole face light up and I just wished he would look over so I could wave to him. I should have just put down the window and yelled "Happy Thanksgiving Walking Man" but I didn't. Just seeing him was a sign to perk up and let the stoopid shit roll off my shoulders.

I just want my work done so I can get to the Annual Thanksgiving Eve Family Happy Hour. Yup, you heard me right. My entire family plus quite a few family friends all meet up at Restaurant/Bar in Bethesda the night before Thanksgiving. It's everyone… Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Cousins kids and many more. We tend to gather a rather large group since we all mention it to anyone that lives in our area. Since the family has grown so much Thanksgiving has been divided between two houses so the HH is a great way for everyone to get together. After eating and mulling around the bar quite a few go home to get the kids to bed and some stay out at the bar for the evening. I'm hoping Mom offers to take the munchkin home with her so I can hang out for a bit.

Thanksgiving day Mini Red and I plan to visit some friends and just chill before heading over to the folks for dinner. I can't wait cause this is the time of year for the Pineapple Stuffing and it just don't get no better than that. Pineapple Stuffing is freaking AWESOME! I'm making a Sweet Potato dish this year as well as the Red Wine Brownies (thanks Allan).

For some reason I'm excited about this holiday season. I have a million things to do but I'm not gonna let it stress me this year.