November 20, 2006

The Mini Red Chronicles

Mini Red has been sick but not enough to keep her down. This morning she had me up at 4:30 due to her alarm clock malfunction and I couldn't, in good conscience, send her to school with her sore throat. We were lucky enough to get an appointment at 8am and we were home by 9am. Hopefully, the culture comes back negative and the medicine will kill some of her pain soon. I liked this doctor because he didn't immediately put her on antibiotics. Too many antibiotics can really screw up the system and then when you really need them they don't work.

Anyhow, on a fantastic note… Mini Red made HONOR ROLL! Can I get a WOOHOO? I am so proud of her. Sixth grade is such an important year and the better she does now the easier it will be for her later. So along with every other effort my parents and I make to help… I also bribed her. The bribing never worked for me when I was a kid because I knew my parents would finally give in. I thought I would give the bribing a shot and I think its working. The deal is… If she makes honor roll three out of the four marking periods then I will buy her an iPod.

The year started out a bit rough and she will probably kill me for mentioning this but she had an E in Reading. This is unacceptable so I encouraged her to talk to her teacher to see if she could make up the work she hadn't done. When she finally got around to talking to her teacher she was told it was too late. In comes Mom… Me, and upon further consideration the teacher offers half the grade if the papers were turned in within three days. Thank goodness. So Mini Red got to work on her three papers, but then there was the big OOOPS. Every time she wrote her paper on the computer she saved it over the last one. So she had to write all three all over again. She made the deadline and brought her grade up to a C. The rest of the marking period she brought her grade up further to a B.

I'm not playing games this year because this is the year that will set precedence for the next six years. Mommy is a real Beotch this year and so much so that Mini Red had an actual temper tantrum just about a week ago when I put my foot down. I have threatened no TV in the past but this year I'm just not having it. There is no way she is allowed to become a limp brained zombie in front of the TV AT ALL during the week. TV is always the first thing to go in my book and I'm not big on a lot of the shows out there for kids.

Saturday night I took her to see The Santa Clause 3. Afterwards she expressed how much she would love to have a snow globe. So yesterday before I went to the grocery store I went by Target and picked up a few Christmas gifts for her. I had been feeling like crap, myself, but immediately perked up at the thought of how excited she will be on Christmas morning with some of the items I purchased, especially the silver snow globe I found. There's a little girl and silver snow and it reads something to the point of "May your Guardian Angel always watch over you". I couldn't help but think of Mini Red going off to college and still having this keepsake snow globe that Mommy gave her when she was a little girl.

My favorite part of Christmas is watching Mini Red's excitement. I think I'm starting to feel the Holiday spirit… Are you?