January 17, 2007

Apartment living can really suck sometimes (Annoying Neighbors)

I tend to get to bed late on a pretty regular basis but I’m talking midnight tops.

Last night I got into bed and watched a little of the boob tube before dozing off somewhere before midnight. I had the window open since it was so nice outside and inside was hot. I could hear the new neighbors and if I had the blinds open more I could see them due to the shape of this building.

Despite the neighbors I fell asleep until 1am when they decided to get a bit more rowdy. Ugggh what are they thinking? I’m irritated and shut my window.

I was able to fall back asleep but was woken again at 2am. I’m so tired, it’s getting hot in here and they don’t look like they are slowing down anytime soon. So I decide to take a hint from Mr. FBI Guy.

I walk out on my balcony and I can see one person is on the balcony with the door open and the others are playing some game inside. I refuse to get louder than them so I get my flashlight to attempt to get Mr. Drunk Ass’s attention. No luck until a dude and this chick walk out on the balcony. The dude says, “ARE WE BEING TOO LOUD?

In a hushed yell I say, “You all need to SHUT UP! Most people have to work around here!” Along with a few other mumbles from me.

They got quiet real fast after that.

Normally, I would just seethe and try to get back to sleep. I’m tired of suffering due to stoopid people. I guess old age changes you and I think I like this change… So far.