January 16, 2007

It feels good when you get a lot accomplished.

It's been a busy four day weekend. I took Friday off after Ra asked me to watch her boys that afternoon. She never has anyone watch the boys and I know she doesn’t have many people in the area so I was happy to help out.

I was planning on working in the morning but decided to take the full day off. I had my physical therapy in the morning. The elbow was getting much better but since the new year it has decided to act up considerably and frustrating the poop outta me.

Next stop… The G-Car needed its oil changed and what-nots checked over. Sitting in the waiting room is where I learned Rachel Ray has a talk show. I love her cookbooks but I have to wonder if she is trying to be the next Martha Stewart. She had Lisa Rinna on and I have no idea what they were talking about between my fascination of her lips and this woman who walked into the waiting room giving me all the details on how her hairstyle was supposed to be like Lisa Rinna's. I am so not interested because I’m trying to get a better look the TV and those strange lips, which seem get in the way of her talking. They look so full that I’m expecting them to burst at any moment.

My next stop is something I have been procrastinating on and now I’m down to the wire. I had to go to the community college to retake my English assessment. If I made two more points this time then I wouldn’t have to take an English class and could go straight to the other classes I’m interested in. I had to go to a couple of buildings, get authorization and then take the test but it didn’t take as long as I had anticipated. When I left I could have done cartwheels to my car because I finally just went in and took care of it. If I have to take the English class then that is fine and I probably really need it then.

Next stop… Ra’s so she can feed me before she and her hubby head out. I’m nervous since the youngest, who is almost 2, is such a mama’s boy and cries if he can’t find her. As they are walking out the door I occupy him with some game and he was never the wiser. He didn’t cry once not even when I put them in the car. Ra says she has to bribe him to get in the car because he hates it. Maybe he had no problem because we were heading on an adventure to get Mini Red and the boys love Mini Red. Ra was amazed at his behavior and how good the boys were for me but her oldest had said his little brother wouldn’t cry for Auntie Red and he was right.

The afternoon flew by and we all headed out to dinner to celebrate Ra’s birthday. Before we left another friend of Ra’s stopped by to drop off a birthday gift. I had given her a smores / fondue set I thought they could all enjoy and no card. I’m not much of a card person except for special occasions. “Save a Tree” is what I say. This is a new friend who wrote her something beautiful about how she values her friendship. Ra turns to me and says, "Red, why can’t you write me things like that?

I replied, “I don’t have to because you know I love you and your boys don’t cry when I BABYSIT them.

We both had a laugh. She and I have been friends a long time. Ra stayed with Mini Red and me for two weeks before she left the area to get married. The apartment I was in at the time was really small so she just stayed in my room with me. One night Mini Red woke up and Ra went and got her and next thing I know there were three of us in my bed. When you’re that comfortable with someone you know you’ve found a good friend. We’ve had our ups and downs as friends but I think that just makes our friendship stronger.

Friday was a long day and we still needed to throw some things together for our trip to see Aunt Dot. I’m not a big planner and tend to do these things last minute. Same went for booking a hotel room, which I did at 10pm Friday night.

Mini Red and I were looking forward to Monday and no responsibilities. We planned to be lazy and to see a movie. We succeeded! We didn’t sleep as late as we had hoped but we got out to the movie “Night at the Museum”, which was fantastic. I wouldn’t have thought so but everyone that has seen it has loved it.

We stopped to pick up my finished coffee table from my parents. I started refinishing this table back in the summer but then just let it go. It wasn’t going where I wanted it to so I stopped for a while until I figured it out, which I did recently.

After I went for a run I put the pieces of the coffee table together and Mini Red helped me put it in place. It was the perfect end to a long weekend.

Happy MLK Day!