January 20, 2007

The Girls saw DreamGirls tonight and LOVED it!

Some of my co-workers and I decided to meet up after work, grab a bite to eat and go see DreamGirls. We decided to go to the Hoffman Theaters, which are HUGE, and eat at Ruby Tuesday’s right next door.

Tori’s sister met up with us and the six of us had so much fun. I don’t know the last time I laughed that hard. It must have been our waiter's first night cause he was having a lot of difficulties. On top of that he was a soft talker and we had fun messing with him until he messed up our orders. None of our food came out at the right time and we ate in shifts. But none of this mattered because we were having a good time. That was until we noticed the time and had to get the check and he was just plain incompetent.

Luckily, we had gotten our tickets before we ate so we were able to go right in. We had great seats in the top row, dead center. I sat next to Tori who would sing along and used her arms like they did in the movie. When Jennifer Hudson sang And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going it sent chills all over my body and I got a bit verclempt. People were hooting, hollering, clapping and yelling “Sing it Sister!” Damn that woman can sing… All of them can really belt it out... It just gets ya.

I probably wouldn’t have seen this movie in the theaters if it weren’t the group of us going but I’m telling ya it was a great movie and everyone should see it.

On our way out I was attempting to get a picture, using my camera phone, but Liz wasn’t having it. She was walking out the door and I caught her goofing around waving. She didn’t think I would get her in the picture but I did.

Side Note: A year ago Friday (the 19th) I was rear ended. The entire rear of my car had to be replaced. The accident wasn't particularly bad except it was the first time I was in an accident and I hadn't had my new car even three weeks when it happened. It took four weeks to repair because they had to wait for the parts to come off the assembly line. Then there were the spasms in my back and my visits to the chiropractor trying to get some relief.

It was a horrible and depressing time in my life.

Tonight on my way home I was coming off the beltway onto Connecticut Ave when a car ran a red light and hit the car in front of me. Thank goodness everyone was ok but I can't help but thank the Big Dude Above for watching out for me. Phew!