March 22, 2007

HEAD and SHOULDERS, knees and toes, knees and toes

Class last night was SO MUCH FUN! The topic was Head and Shoulders. We were going to learn how to put someone's head on another person's shoulders. I could very well become a menace to family and friends with my new knowledge and talents.

Almost every class the Professor will say something to the effect of, "If your not having fun then you shouldn't be here. We have a lovely Accounting course maybe you would enjoy."

Last night I had so much fun that I was tempted to yell out, "I'M HAVING FUN!" Thank goodness I didn't but I was wiggling in my seat.

So after he reviewed and taught us it was our turn to do something original. I had no idea and no real great photos to work from. Then it hit me!

I have this great photo from a friend's wedding day. She had a traditional Indian wedding and her outfit was red and decorated elaborately. I decided to put my head on her shoulders. So I took my face from this photo we saw in the last post.

After some adjustments I came up with this: I had so much fun with this and finished rather quickly so I did more:

Ok here it is a little closer.

This photo with the green eyes and the piercings didn't go over well with Mini Red. She didn't like Mama Red looking like that.

Gawd! I love this class! Not bad for my first time.