March 18, 2007

How did you get your green on?

What a day! I didn’t think I would be doing much but Shortie contacted me and said she and her Dude were heading to The Big Jig. Wahoo! I’m in! I should be since I wore a big sticker on my ass promoting the Big Jig last weekend at the Shamrock Festival.

But first I met up with Nicole for a coffee. I hadn’t seen her in so long and she seemed happier than I had seen her in a long time. She’s gonna be in town for two weeks and I’m so happy to see her.

I finished up a load of laundry before heading out to meet up with Shortie and her Dude. The venue was smaller than I had expected and she was quick to point out the mud and suggested I roll up my pants. I got my beer and the three of us headed up front in preparation for Scythian to play again.

It wasn’t long before Scythain got going and some young chickies pushed their way in front of us. No biggie but I believe they had more to drink than I did at this point and they were jumping up and down. I pretty much had my hand in the little bitch’s back trying to keep her off my toes. I do understand the venue and expected crowds but she had a ton of room in front of her. Maybe I’m getting too old for this? Hahahaha.

They started throwing stuff out and I raised my arm and, evidently, smacked her upside the head with my elbow (the good one). Hahahaha I have to laugh at this cause I think she got mad and really was trying to jump on my toes at this point. So I turned around and pushed my ass her way to help her keep her distance.

Soon they were all jumping all around us now and it wasn’t long before a cup of Guinness got thrown in the air and landed mostly on Shortie. HAHAHAHAHAHA

I’m sorry for laughing Shortie but you know it was funny. This was when Shortie’s Dude said, “Lets move out”. Smart boy cause Shortie and I weren’t getting along with these kiddies. So we moved out got Shortie cleaned up and got another beer. We found another spot in the back and had a blast shaking it all up. The people around us were hilarious.

There was a couple in front of us that just couldn’t keep their hands off each other’s butts. Then there was the dude that took to rolling up his pants to a new height and of course the best was the dude with the green Goatee.
So we shook our toucases and drank a good amount of beer… At least I did. So once I get a few beers in me then I tend to be bold enough to go up to people and ask to take their pictures. There was this stage hand who had some really cool eyes (contacts) and piercings. He looked kind of scary but I knew I could get Shortie to help. This is like the Shamrock Fest where I would have never approached the Mohawk dude but I had a few beers. I have also realized that life is short and I don’t want to regret something as cool as this dude that I could bring to you.

Anyhow, Shortie and I are wandering around while Scythian is on a break. We saw the green-eyed stage-hand but he disappeared. As we rounded to head back into the tent we bump into Leks! Ahhhh. Amazingly Shortie and I were quick on our feet and I threw her my camera and grabbed him for a photo, which seemed fine with him. I told him I loved his crazy hair today. He said he like the color of mine and we were off on our separate ways.
I was tickled to say the least and now I was more ready to get that photo with the Green-Eyed dude. We headed back out of the tent and around and who should we see next… JOE! I completely interrupted his conversation to ask about his stage hand and ask for a photo with him too. Cool!
Joe pointed us back around into the tent to find the green-eyed guy. Thank goodness for Shortie cause I would have missed him. Shortie’s Dude showed up outta nowhere and offered to take the photo so Shortie could get in it too.
Well, we were about done there and we had gotten our drink on pretty good as well as the photos we wanted. We were hungry so we walked towards Fado’s but it looked crowded. I suggested the inexpensive Fuddruckers and all were up for that.

Fuddruckers was a crazy mad house so I’m glad I was in the state I was in or it might have made me a bit crazy. That food was soooo good and after a Lenten Friday I had a hankering for some meat.

I figured after Fuddruckers Shortie and her Dude were heading home and I was heading to meet up with Texpundit and other bloggers. To my very pleasant surprise Shortie was coming with me and her Dude headed home. I didn’t really know where I was going so I was glad Shortie was coming with me.

We hopped on the Metro and headed to Union Station knowing the Dubliner was only a block away but who knows which direction. I hadn’t been to Union Station in years but Shortie seemed to know her way around and got us to the Dubliner in no time.

The line was long but moved quickly. I had no idea what Tex looked like but I knew Scarlett. We didn’t see her anywhere and we searched the whole place. We even went upstairs and as we were looking around a horrible smell wafted through the air. Some freakish dude asked if I shit my pants. I told him I thought it was him and grabbed Shortie and got out of there cause that was some awful smelling shit. Uggggggh.

We never did find Tex and Scarlett and finally heard from him that he had left. Before we left we met Kimberly who was complimenting my hair. Shortie got a photo of Kimberly, her friend and I and I told her I would post it here. It doesn’t do any of us justice but you are an awesome chick Kimberly.
We had an awesome time and here I expected to not even leave my apartment this weekend. I love when things come up out of the blue and those are often some of the best experiences.

My day ended by chatting via IM with a friend I hadn’t talked to in a long time. Thanks Smith!

You can see all the photos on Flickr.