March 26, 2007

It was a Mini Red weekend

Friday, I took Mini Red to see The Last Mimzy. AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME flick. Very cool, imaginative and had us hooked all the way through.

Saturday, Mini Red and I met up with Nicole, who is in town from Chicago. She is staying in Dupont and we picked up Louie (her dude) from the firehouse and headed downtown. The Dupont area is so cool and we found a little nail salon where Mini Red and I got pedicures and Nicole got a manicure. I loved this place because they were clean and actually sanitized and sterilized their utensils between clients. As we were drying I did a double take on Nicole’s coffee. They are placing ads on the coffee wrap thingies. Sorry this pic is fuzzy but I was amused that Tylenol PM is advertising on coffee. Isn’t that... Ironic?

After our pampering we were off to have a bite to eat and decided on Trio Restaurant. This is a nice quiet place that can make just about anything you want. We all talked over our meal as if Nicole never left the area. Often times our conversations turn towards Mini Red and grades and what not. It still surprises me when Nicole says things to Mini Red that start with, “Your Mom…”

OMG! I’m a Mom and my daughter is at THAT age. Am I really that old? Mini Red is talking about boys and I just want to cover my ears and sing, “lalalalalalalala”. If I ignore it will it go away? No!

One of the discussions this weekend was forget the boys and do for you. Get the school work done and make goals and move towards them. Deal with the chaos that is relationships once you get your life set and in order and procure a high paying job to support your mother if she lives that long (hahahaha). This is coming from experience cause the opposite sex is very confusing.

Saturday night I ate something that didn't agree with me and I was up at 3:30 in the morning after an FN nightmare. I couldn’t get back to sleep so I turned on the TV in hopes it would bore me to sleep but I found Rocky… Ohhh, a good one! Just as I was able to fall back into lala land Mini Red walks in to climb into bed with me. I’m my half conscious state I just shushed her, several times, but she was still talking. Thank goodness she finally got the hint and let me sleep but she had an ulterior motive.

She woke me around 10 thinking her religion class was at 10. She was a bit miffed when I told her it was at 11 and begged me not to make her go. Hahahahaha the life of a Mom can be so joyous at times when you can torture your child with things such as religion class. Mooohahahaha.

Today was such a beautiful day so we got some pansies and planted them on the balcony. I think Mini Red’s favorite part was when we went to the park and she gave me a tour of the creek she's recently found. We started at one end and worked our way down by walking on tree branches and stones. Near the end there were some kids swinging and this little girl was pointing to Mini Red and I in the creek. She was amazed we were in the creek and said, “That one looks like a MOTHER!

I looked up at her smiled and said, “I am a MOTHER!”

We went home and just chilled out as one should do on a Sunday. I finally got to watch the movie Babel, which is another great flick. I was surprised my phone didn’t ring all day until I just realized the ringer was off.

I think this was just the weekend Mini Red and I needed especially since next weekend she is going away for her week of spring break. I can’t stand for her to be gone that long especially when it’s with FN but oh well. So I’ve got myself booked and won’t have a minute to breathe so that should help the week go by fast.

How was your weekend? Has anyone else seen The Last Mimzy?

Happy Birthday Shortie!