March 26, 2007

What are we all doing here?

Velvet is shutting down! I’m so sad but it lasted longer than expected. I feel like I’m losing a friend.

It’s times like these when you reevaluate your own blog. My most recent post is really rather boring. I’m touching on a few subjects I thought might be interesting like the ad on the coffee but in essence it’s not the quality I would like to bring to you. I was once told by a reader that he was hooked when he read, “ smelled like pussy..” and another reader flat out told me, recently, that they like the older stuff better, like The C Battery.

My schedule is busy and my posts are fewer. This blog started as a way to post some of those crazy dates I was having two years ago when I did the online dating thing. Or the odd things I would notice in the world around us but life seems to have gotten simpler… For many. Who has the time to write let alone read.

There are the funny interactions like one I had with Google Boy on Friday. To write it and post just isn’t as fun as it used to be and not sure if I can capture the humor he and I found in it.

So I am going to make a pledge to do better posts. Maybe some Photoshop stuff but posts like my last one will be a thing of the past. This means less posts and I will fight my urge to post ramblings.
Maybe I’ve been trying too hard and you’ll enjoy me more if I’m not readily available?