May 11, 2007

The Sign helped when I had to deal with the Crazy

Even though I was up early (all night) I let Mini Red sleep a little. When I got her up I forewarned her that I had no sleep and why. She put on her robe and looked out on the balcony over at the loud boys who were still out on their balcony.

We did our usual morning rush around and got out the door at a decent time. I dropped her off and she was walking over to the bus stop when I saw it. It was a sign… a good sign. It was Walking Man and he walked right past Mini Red. She hadn’t even seen him but I promptly pointed him out. Even Mini Red knew it was a sign that it was gonna be a good day.

I was now off to work and a lot less grumpy but lately, the traffic into work has been a bit on the heavy side, at least in Maryland. DC hasn’t been so bad except for one person this morning and that was the Horn Happy Ho. I was about to turn off Connecticut Ave when I hear this obnoxious horn. She didn’t want to let a car in but the car need to get in our lane so he could turn. This isn’t the kind of driving you would expect from a driver of a VW Green Beetle plus this Beetle had a really obnoxious sounding horn.

We continue down to Rock Creek Parkway and I left room in front of me because I knew this one car would need to get over since his lane was ending. But the Horn Happy Ho wasn’t having it and blew her horn at me. I gave her the “Are You Nuts!” look via my rearview mirror but I don’t think she got it because I had my sunglasses on. As soon as she could she got around me and was trying her damndest to move along as fast as possible but she got stuck at the light. HAHAHA. I could hear her honking that horn again at someone else because she didn’t think anyone was moving fast enough when the light turned green. I switched lanes to see if I could get any closer and maybe this would be my first time to ever flip someone off. I realized that if I did get close enough I wouldn’t flip her off because she just wouldn’t get how special it was.

She was flitting back and forth between lanes and looked ridiculous and I swear all the cars around her slowed just to piss her off. I have to admit I did the same and enjoyed watching her frustration. Finally, on Memorial Bridge she was able to get around everyone and shoot ahead. I was still hoping to catch up to her because I thought it would be really cool if I snapped a picture of her while driving next to her. No such luck I was off onto GW Parkway and she headed to Arlington Cemetery.

I love seeing people like this. It really puts any of my own road rage in check because I don’t want to look as idiotic as they do.