June 22, 2007

Guest Post: IT Support May I Help You?

A friend at work has a second job in the evenings supporting a help desk. He’s been working help desks for 8 years now and gets all sorts of strange calls as I’m sure you can imagine. The other day he told me one and I thought it was so funny I asked him to be a guest blogger.


When working in technical support I assist different types people. I assist the person who works in IT and swears they know everything, and wants to call just tell me how our system should work. I assist the person who knows damn well they shouldn’t even be near a damn computer.

I even assist the person just learning how to speak English. I have no problem assisting these people; it's my job to help those that are in need.

I calmly do my job until I get a person who simply wants to waste my time; even though I spend my spare time between calls is sleeping or playing PSP. These people are bored and have nothing better to do such as this woman:

Me: Tech support, how may I assist you?

Woman: HELLO?

Me: Tech support, how may I help you?

Woman: Where are you located?

Me: Virginia

Woman: Where in Virginia?

Me: _______, Virginia

Woman: No your not! Most companies like yours outsource overseas, I know you’re located in India or China.

Me: What? No. I’m an American, and we are not located in India I can assure you. Do you have a question?

Woman: They trained you well, you even sound like an American. You even sound black.

Me: What? Huh?

Woman: What's your name, not your fake American name but your real name?

Me: Goodbye douche.

A little while later she called back and spoke with co-worker, who happens to be Asian with a thick accent. He hung up on her when she wanted to know where in china he is located. What a crazy lady.