June 23, 2007

The Spice in my Dad's life

My Dad doesn’t want us to ever get him anything because he doesn’t want us to spend our money on him. Not for his Birthday, Christmas or even Father’s Day. When we would ask him what he wanted he would say “Just a kiss and a hug”. This year he let me get him something because it’s something he loves.

Dad liked his salt and then it turned into a Seasonal All spice which progress to specific brands and recipes. He went through Old Bay and J.O. and finally found his favorite Wye River. Not just any Wye River seasoning but Crab House Style, Red formula.

Dad has not been able to find it at his usual Wal Mart in Ocean City. So I found the website and joined. The weekend before Father’s Day and we were in The O.C. I was online and said to Dad that I was gonna get him some of his Wye River Spice for Father’s Day. He was more than happy and willing to let me get it for him and I placed an order for 25lbs of the Red Formula.

After a week I heard nothing and the order was still processing. For Father’s Day I didn’t have his gift but he knew it was on its way. Dad actually asked me about it at one point because he was excited.

I finally got word the order would be shipped this week and I was tickled when it was due arrive today. I even left a note on my door for the UPS Person to leave the package and here was my signature just in case. With my luck a signature would be required and I would have to chase down the package next week.

Throughout the day I checked the status to see if it was delivered. I wanted to take it to Dad at the beach. It all worked out perfectly and was sitting on my doorstep after work. I put it in the car and headed over to pick up Sis and Chase to head to shore. We had to take the box out of the trunk to fit Chase’s golf clubs in and when he went to put it back in the car he got a whiff so Sis moved in for a smell and all three of us were standing on the curb smelling this box.

As we got on the road Sis tells me the folks car got hit in a parking lot when they stopped for a bite on there way to shore. Dad was not a happy camper so I called and told Mom we were on our way with spice in hand and let Dad know. She agreed this would definitely perk him up.

Our drive couldn’t have been more perfect. Not even traffic at the Severn River Bridge. We dropped Chase in Arnold for a Bachelor party and Sis and I continued. It was perfect weather and absolutely beautiful.

We arrived, while listening to Bob Marley, and I carried the spice in. Dad popped outta his seat and whipped out his pocketknife to open the box. We were all curious how the spice was packaged. I don’t think any of us expected this:

Tomorrow morning Dad and I plan to walk the boards again and hoping to beat our time. Mom has already bowed out and we will see if Sis is up to the challenge.

I’m sure the next thing Dad does is run to Wal Mart for his spice containers because that’s all he is talking about now. This has made my week and it’s always nice when you can give back to your parents and make them happy.