October 31, 2007

October 26, 2007

The Skull still rolls

My buddy Hammer asked for a skull update.

The skull is holding up well even in this rain. The rain makes it glisten which makes it look even cooler. I often look around to see if anyone has noticed and oddly enough there aren’t many that have but here are a few of the reactions that I’ve caught:

  • While at a stoplight a car to my right looked over and noticed it and kept inching up to get a better look.

  • Ra's son, who’s almost 3, did just what I expected and walked up to the parked car and poked at it. Her older son, who’s 5, wanted to me to pick him up from school so his friends could see it.

  • When dropping Mini Red off at school some of the kids noticed. They were poking each other and pointing at my car. It was fun to watch their reactions.

  • Several people in my apartment building have mentioned it. They all say the same thing, “Do you have a… skull… on your car?”

  • At Family Dinner Night this week Mom said, “What is your fascination with skulls? I can’t believe you put one on your car!

    People put wreaths on their cars for Christmas… I decided to put a skull on my car for Halloween.”

    Oh! It’s for Halloween?”

    Evidently, she thought it was a permanent fixture.

  • The best so far is when I was driving into a high security facility. I noticed the guard was laughing as I pulled up so I said, “Hey, are you checkin out my decoration?”

    He laughed and said, “That’s cool!”

    I replied with a straight face and somewhat of a low voice, “It’s my ex husband.”

  • I fear I’m on a list somewhere now.

    October 25, 2007

    His Phoenix was Flaming

    An article in the LA Times states J.K Rowling “had always imagined one of the main characters in the "Harry Potter" series -- Albus Dumbledore -- to be gay.”


    Does his sexual orientation really matter? It sounds to me like the LA Times was in need of something to fill space on their pages and latched onto something Rowling might have said in passing. They go into great detail pulling out all the clues in the series confirming that Rowling wrote Dumbledore with his homosexuality in mind.

    They interviewed the Head of the Harry Potter Alliance. I can’t believe such an organization exists. This head guy, Andrew Slack, point out seven clues that indicate Dumbledore’s sexual orientation. I find them a bit far fetched but I think my favorite is when they said, “Albus Dumbledore" is an anagram of "Male bods rule, bud!"

    Well that’s a bit of a reach wouldn’t you say?

    For the full article: Seven clues that 'Potter's' Dumbledore was gay