April 28, 2007

Before Grey's Anatomy

I had once read somewhere that Kate Walsh, who plays Dr. Addison Montgomery, was in "Under the Tuscan Sun". This is such a great movie and was on cable tonight but I missed the beginning. So I went searching to confirm Kate Walsh's character.

I found it and then it hit me. Kate Walsh played Sandra Oh's life partner. I just found it a bit odd to see them playing a gay couple so long before they both ended up in Grey's Anatomy.

What great actors!

April 27, 2007

Are you ever amazed when you realize what's going around you?

Thursday, I was working out of my office in Alexandria. One of my co-workers was looking out my window and saw this site:

He couldn’t understand why this guy was sitting on this dumpster spraying every last bit of debris that was coming down the shoot.

I said, “It’s their asbestos control.”

What is it they’re spraying? It couldn’t be just water?

I told him, “Yup, its just water. When I was at the Pentagon they were doing some renovations outside my office. There were complaints about the asbestos so they put a guy in the dumpster to spray down all the debris so no one would inhale it. The dude standing in the dumpster told me it only helped somewhat but it’s less expensive this way and appeased worries about the asbestos.

Shortie added, "Our health is in the hands of a garden hose!"

As we were watching this guy straddle and spray another dude comes walking out, stands next to the dumpster to smoke. Unbelievable!

Even more amazing, than the dude smoking next to the make-shift asbestos abatement, is they are open for business. Guests are even in the rooms just below the construction.

I understand sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do to get the job done as in this case controlling this asbestos. I don't know if it's better to know what is going on and be afraid of how it's being handled or if it's better to be oblivious. I guess this can apply this to many other situations such as politics or is it all considered politics of one sort or another?

April 24, 2007

Snow last weekend, Sun and Water this weekend.

This past weekend the Reds were traveling again. This time we were off to Connecticut for a baby shower for SIL. I would say the best part was I didn’t have to drive but the place we stayed was probably my favorite part.

We stayed at the Madison Beach Hotel on Long Island Sound. This place is beautiful with its old time charm. It was a great family bonding time since the whole fam damily was there not to mention the long trip and our close quarters on the drive.

I couldn't get enough of walking around the grounds and along the water but I think Mini Red enjoyed it more. Sunday morning the water was so calm and Mini Red explored and found some beautiful shells.

We made great time on Sunday and arrived home around 2:30. Mini Red and I then headed into town for a book festival. We bumped into some friends and they joined us in our quest for ice cream. We got to the ice cream shop in the nick of time because they were running out of ice cream and closing up.

The best part was the girl scooping was beat and raised her arm to wipe her brow and exposed her hairy armpit. I have to wonder if there are hairnets for the hairy armpits. Shouldn’t they be required? I certainly lost my appetite for the ice cream and decided to have bottled water instead.

April 20, 2007

My two cents

These Virginia Tech murders have been a nightmare. So many questions are being asked and everyone is trying to figure out a way to make sure it doesn’t happen again. On top of that there is so much finger-pointing going on.

Yes we all have questions as to how this boy’s misery came to this. We may not know all the answers just like so many other events in history that are shrouded in mystery and cover-up. As Americans I think we have learned to accept that we may not be given all the answers. Right now it’s a media field day and it seems to be more about this psycho boy and less about honoring the victims.

No matter who you are this tragedy is affecting you in one way or another as a student, a parent or even just as a friend. I can’t help but do my own finger pointing and wonder if his parents knew him at all.

Yesterday morning Mini Red and I were talking:

Red: Do you know why I ask so many questions about school and your friends and how you’re feeling about this and that?

Mini Red: So I don’t end up like that boy?

Red: No, so I know you. If there is a problem then I can be there for you and help you. To know you and recognize if something might be wrong.

Mini Red: Oh.

Red: You should be able to come to me with anything. I may not like everything I hear but I am here for you.

Some reports say this boy may have been schizophrenic and there is so much speculation as to why? If he was schizophrenic then shouldn’t his parents have known this and gotten him help? Did they ever even talk to him? Because it seems as if there was a lot going on that they were unaware of even though all signs seemed to be there.

As our kids grow older we gradually lose control and have to trust in the values we have instilled in them. We also have to trust the rest of the world not to hurt them. I don’t see how any measure could have been put into place to have avoided this tragedy other than his own parents taking notice of him and helping him a long time ago.

I can’t see how after the first murders, in the dorm, anyone could have figured it all out and avoided the next strike. It’s Friday and they are still trying to figure out why this happened. We don’t live in a utopia and thank goodness we aren’t living like George Orwell’s 1984 because this seems to be the only way to possibly avoid just such tragedies.

No one can control the world and these happening can’t be controlled except by parents taking care of their kids. Let’s honor our deceased and the wonderful lives they led. This horrible boy is gone so let’s concentrate on making better parents and communication. Because this, I believe, is the key to avoiding these happenings in the future.

Just my two cents.

April 19, 2007

Finally Finally Finally Sanjaya is gone!

I haven't even been watching all season and wasn't even interested. It seemed so foolish this season but I turned it on tonight.

Ever sit down to a meal and eat WAY too much????

Have you noticed that the older you get the longer it takes for that “I’m REALLY Stuffed” feeling to go away?

I have the perfect solution.


It works best if your lactose intolerant.

Have two scoops of ice cream… or more if necessary.

The results cause you to go running to the bathroom and empty out.

Of course, I must reiterate, that it works best if your lactose intolerant or it may make symptoms worse.

Well… I’m off for my two scoops.

April 17, 2007

Celebrating the Jubilarians ended with a Spring Snow and tragedy in Blacksburg

The trip up to Scranton was uneventful and speedy. By the time we hit Wilkes-Barre we decided it was time to stop and get a bite to eat. I love it when there’s no stopping on a trip and you drive right through putting you ahead of schedule. This was a good move because there was no other time to eat all evening.

Aunt Dot was happy to see us and she looked great! We had so much for her and I wasn’t expecting her to want it all but she did. Yeah! I brought her two small plant stands for her balcony and Ra sent a small three tier stand that Aunt Dot loved. Plus we brought her two plants. I was happy she wanted it all and we found places for everything. This also meant I didn’t have to bring it home with me.

I also discussed her taking back a beautiful piece she gave me last time. It’s an Our Lady of Hope figurine plate thingy I got her years ago. She was happy that I would bring it back for her to hang on her wall. These were all great signs because I think last time she was just getting ready to die. This time she is fighting and she wants to walk again. She’s even wearing her wig again. The other sisters and I can’t figure this part out. When she was sick and could wear her wig we were all surprised to see she had a lot of hair and it’s less gray than the wig. Go figure.

Sunday was the big Jubilee. There were 18 sisters celebrating from 60 years up to 80 years as nuns. Evidently, it added up to over 1000 years of service. Holy moly! So many of the Jubilarians were nervous but not Aunt Dot. She had her hair done first thing in the morning and was more confident than I had seen her in some time.

After Mass there was a catered supper I still can’t get over how happy she was. I was a happy girl when I found the wine fountain. This might have added to my exhaustion but by the time Mini Red got to our room in the convent, that evening, we could barely keep our eyes open.
The next morning we woke to SNOW! I had heard this might happen but Scranton had 4 inches by 8am and most of the schools were closed. Frackville had 8 inches by 8am and that was the direction we were going. We visited with Aunt Dot for a while before we go on the road around ten. Route 81 wasn’t bad but around Frackville there were all sorts of crazies on the road and not long after that the snow was clearing up. We made record time and Mini Red took pictures the whole way home.
I’m trying to get Mini Red to look around and notice things along the road. She even noticed modern day windmills along the top of a mountain. She went on to tell me they were learning about how they are taking old ideas like the windmills and modernizing them for alternate energy sources for when we run out of oil. This is what I love about these drives.

We stopped in Thurmont to see what Dirt Cheap was selling. As we were getting ready to leave I see the news talking about VA Tech. I did a little panic and at that point I hadn’t even heard all the details like the kids in the engineering class. My panic is my cousin who is studying engineering there. When Mom picked up the phone she just said “He’s fine”. We don’t have a lot of detail but Mom called my Uncle and just confirmed via his secretary that he’s fine. I’m sure we’ll hear more later and I’m just praying that he was no where near any of it.

Even more terrifying than having family there and still another cousin is a professor there is this is so gruesomely unexpected. Here these kids are and there worst fear is a bad grade and this crazy dude comes in firing. How can a parent feel safe sending their child off to school? I just can’t believe what this world is coming too?

April 14, 2007

I was too busy to notice it was the Day of Evil

The plan for the day was to get a lot done this morning and then get to the office. I never made it to the office but I got a helluva lot done.

Dropped Mini Red off at the bus, went to the ATM, Coffee from Dunkin Donuts and I had the car at the dealership by 7:40. This put me third in line for the day, which ain’t too shabby.

The oil needed to be changed and I had already made an appointment next week for the sunroof recall but this morning they said they would do it all and give me a loaner. On top of that I was due for the 15,000 mile check up and I had noticed some strange things they were going to check out.

By 8:30 I was at Mini Red’s doctor to get some forms signed for her upcoming Outdoor Education trip. I’m told it’s normally a 72 hour turn around to get these papers done but she was squeezing me between patients. Thank goodness.

By 9:30 I was visiting former coworkers and picked up a trampoline to be delivered later to Ra.

I made it to the mall a little after 10, which gave me some time to shop for Aunt Dot but I couldn’t find what I was looking for so I headed to the third floor where Mini Red’s Orthodontist is.

10:40 appointment with Mini Red’s Orthodontist was to review her status and suggestions for the next round of braces. I have had so much anxiety about this and the upcoming cost but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be and the Doctor and his staff are awesome! I have to come up with some serious down payment and it’s gonna start with some extraction of teeth which are added cost on top of what the braces will cost. Oye! But it could always be worse right?

Since I was in the mall I went to Lenscrafters to scope out the frames. I found some new frames but these costs are outrageous. I decided to come back another time after I found some frames I like. I need to figure this all out since it feels like so much money is flying out of my butt between braces, glasses and just living day to day.

Today was the deadline for the Outdoor Ed permission slips and fees so by 11:40 I was off to Mini Red’s school to drop them off. Once that was done I headed to drop the trampoline at Ra’s in Columbia. There’s no way I’m making it to the office today.

I arrived at Ra’s about 12:20 and was greeted by her mother. I was so excited to see her and had completely forgotten she would be in town from Canada. I just grabbed her and hugged hard cause I just love this woman.

Ra’s 4 year old helped me unload the trampoline in the back yard. He and I had tried it out the prior weekend and I can’t wait til they have it put together and I can get on it again. At one point the 4 year old was dragging this one part and I suggested it might be easier if he picked it up from the middle.

He looked at me like I was crazy and said, “I can’t Auntie Red! This is heavy and I’m a little guy.”

Oh ok. Then just finish dragging it to the end of the yard.”

We finished unloading the trampoline, reloaded the car with stuff for my aunt, clothes Ra was giving to Mini Red and closed everything up. I see Ra all the time but it was nice to sit down to lunch and visit with her and her Mom. For dessert we had chai tea, cookies, sat back, relaxed and chatted… I feel so comfortable in her home.

By 2:30 I was off again dropping stuff off at Mom’s, picking up Mini Red, dropping stuff at home and off to find some things Aunt Dot had requested. Dropped off the loaner, picked up the car and continued the search and didn’t find anything I was looking for. We left Rockville and headed to Wheaton to treat ourselves to El Pollo Rico and finally got home by 7 and we are beat.

But we aren’t done yet. A few hours later I made an ice cream run. It’s no longer Lent so we after the chicken dinner there was some homemade hot fudge in the fridge that has been waiting patiently for me.

Packing will be last minute, for me, and hopefully we won’t start out too late for Scranton in the morning. This weekend will be good for my soul since we will be staying at the convent again and there is no internet access. Aunt Dot is celebrating over 70 years as a nun and I’m glad she is in better spirits.

She is still unable to walk and understands that everything is different now but she is ok with it. I was worried about the “ok with it” part but she requested some plants and I took this as a great sign.
Mini Red isn’t looking forward to the nuns pawing her but Scranton’s forecast has snow in it and that makes it all worth it for her. I’m looking forward to the drive on 81 because it's so beautiful.
At least I won’t have to drive on next weekend’s trip to Connecticut for a baby shower for SIL.

The Reds are a traveling!

April 12, 2007

How positive is your thinking? Maybe you need to take the challenge too?

Today a discussion ensued regarding positive thinking. One of my co-workers tends to be a bit negative when it comes to herself and I am often the same way. I like to think of myself as a positive person but again that is different when it comes to me. I think this goes back to “We’re our own worst critic”.

I remember hearing that studies have been done showing that positive thinking can be life changing. So much so that it can help heal you and live a longer life. Google it and you will find a million articles.

Study Verifies Power of Positive Thinking
Optimism and the Immune System
Positive Thinking Can Help You Feel Better, Longer
The Power of Positive Thinking
The Power of Positive Thinking, Psychology Today

In our discussion today I said, “So you start seeing someone and he says something has happened and he can’t talk. He will call you as soon as he can. It was all going so well and you know he is/was into you. Do you hold out hope to hear from him again or write him off? This way if you don’t hear from him then you’re prepared for the worst and protect your heart. If not and you hold out hope and are let down then it’s more difficult to take.”

MB chimed in and said, “Either way you have the chance of being let down so why not be happy during some of that time? If you’re happy then it makes it easier to take the bad.”

Jay’s theory is not that it’s a negative thing it’s just being prepared. She believes there's a fine line between negativity and preparedness.

We have decided to challenge ourselves and invite others to join us. Starting April 15th we begin the month long Positive Thinking Challenge.

We are going to make great efforts not to have the negative thoughts and really concentrate on the positive. We want to see how changing our thought patterns influence our lives.

The hardest part might first be recognizing those negative thoughts.

I mentioned this to Trish back at the office and she loved the idea. All of us briefly discussed that we needed to set up parameters for ourselves or rather consequences for negative thoughts to encourage the positive. We soon realized we were being negative and instead of consequences we need to reward ourselves for the positive.

I don’t think parameters or rewards can be generalized for everyone. For me I have decided to put aside a dollar for every time I turn a negative thought around. After May 15th I will take that money and buy Trish lunch. Why? Because she suggested it.

So who wants to join us in this quest for a month? It could possibly change your life.

April 11, 2007

April 7, 2007

A sign on the way to Chinatown for Fadó Thursday but in the end the birds are dead

I was so happy when it was time to leave work, on Friday, and just happy to have made it through the day cause I had the hangover stomach thing going on. I didn’t drink that much last night but what I did drink I guess I took it in pretty fast.

Getting through town after work on Friday was fairly easy but I guess a lot of people were already out of town for Easter. There was a fair amount of tourists on their best behavior and we were all getting along as I drove by the Tidal Basin.

I was on Rock Creek Parkway and thinking about the post I want to write about Thursday night with Scythian at Fadó’s.

The evening started out with a sign: Mrs. M had arrived and was waiting as I ran out of the apartment and hit the button to call the elevator. This elevator is a bit temperamental and will often pass me. The light on the button will go off and the doors never open. Sometimes I catch it and hit the button again and it will open but I missed it this time. Screw it I’ll take the stairs. I get down one flight and realize I left the oven on. I’m not just worried it’s on I KNOW it’s on so I run back up. On my way I notice the button is still lit waiting for the elevator. I run down the hall into my apartment and turn off the oven thanking God the whole time. But it gets better. I run back down the hall to the stairway and notice the button on the elevator is not lit and figured the damn elevator had already passed. Just as I was passing the elevator the doors opened. WTF!? I took this as a sign from the big guy upstairs is telling me to stop worrying about crap cause he’s got my back and I’m not talking about my upstairs neighbor.

We drive to the Metro and got an awesome parking spot and just as were approaching the platform the train arrived. These are all small things but me thinks I should have bought a lottery ticket.

I’ve wanted to check out Scythian’s, “Fadó Thursday” but weeknights aren’t easy. With Mini Red on Spring Break at her Dad’s I figured I should take advantage and a few friends were more than obliged to join me. Mrs. M and I were walking out of the Metro when we bumped into Rachel. The three of us arrived at Fadó’s to find Shortie, PSUAcoustician and WW and shortly thereafter we finally got to meet the ever famous Texpundit. This was my first time at Fadó’s, which is pretty cool and kinda cave like. Shortie and PSUAcoustician tell us the food is good too.

By the time Scythian started we had left the table and moved closer. In no time Scythian got the crowd energized. Many pictures were taken and WW and Tex seemed to really enjoy their first Scythian experience.

So as I’m thinking about this post and driving through Rock Creek these two birds come flying across the street. I have no idea what they were doing be it fighting, playing, having sex, whatever. I didn’t think much of it until I heard a thud!


I immediately looked in my rearview mirror and didn’t see the birds. I couldn’t help but think I have two dead birds on my grille. I took my normal route up Cathedral and onto Connecticut. While at the light at the Zoo I was looking around to see if anyone notices the dead birds on my grille. Ok this is a good sign because no one is looking so I’m really hoping there aren’t two dead birds on the front of my car.

Read all about the Guiness Fairy.

April 5, 2007

The Deadliest Catch, Season 3

Last night was the premier of the third season of The Deadliest Catch on The Discovery Channel, Tuesday's at 9pm. If you haven't watched this then you gotta start.

Mike Row, from Dirty Jobs, narrates as these men do one of the deadliest but most lucrative jobs in the world. Remember the movie “The Perfect Storm”? Well it goes a little something like that but in the Bering Sea. It’s absolutely fascinating.

If you missed last night’s first show of the season then it looks like they are playing it again on Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 10pm.

You can't help but get into it.

First Fergie… Now Alanis. Whose Humps are next?

Did you hear about Alanis Morisette newest song/video? She's the new Weird Al Yankovich or rather the female version.

I was reading CreoleInDC and she found Alanis's newest video on You Tube. So I had to post it too!

First check out the original. I was never a fan of this song.

I was never a fan of Alanis but I like her version much better!


April 3, 2007

The Cherry Blossoms are killing the Tourists Brain Cells!

I just don’t get it. Do they go brain dead when they are on vacation? Does D.C cause them to loose their manners?

DC is hard enough to get around then the Cherry Blossoms bloom and the tourists arrive in droves. Lawd help us! They cross the street even though the sign is blinking DO NOT WALK. Some are at times RUNNING down the street. HURRY HURRY you might miss the Cherry Blossoms!

Then there are the drivers. They have the cab drivers stop in the middle of the road so they can gawk without having to deal with all the people. Then I almost got hit when a tourist didn’t like the price for the parking lot and she immediately went in reverse without looking. I laid on my horn and I’m not a honker but finally got out of my way and was leaving. I paid for my parking and I was instructed to pull around and park in this one spot. On my way to the spot and the same woman took it because she changed her mind and NOW wanted to park there.

It wouldn’t be so bad if I wasn’t working on site and begged my Project Manager to let us all work elsewhere for the next two weeks.

On top of all this I had an eye appointment this morning. Come to find out someone cancelled me in their system which delayed everything. I only got glasses a few years ago and it’s primarily for reading and the computer. I don’t wear them all the time but I don’t leave home without them anymore. Years ago I quit smoking and was excited about using smaller purses since I wouldn’t be carrying cigarettes. Now I have glasses to carry around, ugh.

They dilated my eyes, which is just the most fun thing ever (note the sarcasm). Then I drove through DC’s awful traffic. I couldn’t take any unfamiliar alternate routes since I couldn’t read the street signs so I had to stay on course. Then I hit the Tidal Basin and the brain dead tourists. Oye!

When the woman almost hit me my red headed top was ready to blow a gasket. Now I’m afraid of driving through the psycho tourists as I leave. I can’t even enjoy a beer tonight because I have class, which I have high hopes for. Last week was a bit difficult.

Tomorrow definitely has a beer in my future and even better is Thursday. If I can just make it to Thursday it will all be fine.

Mini Red is at her Dad’s all week and I miss her but this is my chance to finally get to Fadó’s on a Thursday night to see Scythian. I will definitely have a beer that night!

Oh and if you are looking for the schedule for the Cherry Blossom Festival... You won't find it here so look elsewhere.