December 28, 2006

He did show and then he showed again

Yes Santa did arrive but without the big fire trucks this year and he brought candy canes for all the kiddies.

The photo isn't so good but you can see him on top of that truck.

Then around 10pm another Santa arrived in a limo with a ton of elves. This worked out well since all the kids that had seen the first Santa had left except for Mini Red. The kids that were still at the party had missed the first Santa.

This Santa brought beads as you can see around Mini Red's neck and the elves enjoyed taking some pulls off the kegerator. Seems they had some spirits in the limo as they were out visiting all evening.

Mini Red and I are off to Chicago tomorrow morning. I'm not planning on touching any computers so here's wishing you a very Red New Year. I have a good feeling about 2007.

December 24, 2006

It just don't get no better than this...

I am happier than I've been in a long time. This past month has been difficult with my Aunt being in the hospital, me being sick, Mini Red's issues and getting ready for the holidays.

Today is Christmas Eve and all is done and ready, which makes me very happy.

Tonight is the BIG Christmas Eve Party and this year it's at my parent’s house. I arrived early today to help and Mom was ecstatic at all the help and was ready extra early this year so she is happy. If Mom ain't happy... no one's happy.

I ran home to chill a bit and get ready when my sister called. Our regularly scheduled Santa can't arrive til 10 pm or later and that is too late. Last year a friend of mine brought the Fire Department with Santa riding with them, and three trucks, it caused a ruckus in the neighborhood and everyone was out of their homes wondering what was going on. So the Fam wants me to contact my friend and try getting the Fire Department to bring Santa by again. Well, my friend has moved to Chicago and I can't reach him so I called the Fire House myself. They remembered us from last year but maybe it was because we dragged them in and sent them home with tons of food. I'm told they are busy tonight but they are gonna try and make it by.

The best part of this, for me, is not only how tickled the kids will be but my Dad will be tickled and bragging that I got Santa to come by… and on the Fire Trucks no less.

We are waiting for everyone to arrive and the anticipation of the evening and tomorrow's events is what has me just so damn happy. Mini Red is tired of me hugging her but I think she glad to see me happy for the first time in a long time.

Dad is hollering, "The first one's are here!"

I guess I gotta go.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays,


December 21, 2006

I got HEAD today!

Yeah, you heard me right... I got HEAD!

It was a Christmas gift from a co-worker... Thanks Trish!

The package says:

Grow Me, Trim Me, Love Me

Just add water, Watch me Grow


The Winter Concert

Ok so I'm a little behind but I've been busy. It this holiday thingy coming up and a big fat man is coming for a visit.

First I gotta tell ya that Aunt Dot is leaving the Rehab Hospital on Friday. I spoke with her today and I was amazed at how good she is sounding. She's a bit confused and asked me what day it is several times but that's ok.

Anyhow, last Thursday (the 14th) was Mini Red's Winter Concert. I was dreading it because it's been a fight to get her to practice her violin and then it's usually a rough start, which involves a lot of ear piercing squeaking.

The 6th Grade Orchestra was to play The Hallelujah Chorus and The Dreidel and they did a fabulous job! There was NO squeaking and I was so proud. These events are getting easier and easier as she gets older and all the kids get better at this. On top of Mini Red playing so well the Chorus was awesome to listen to. My Mom and Sister agreed.

I was dreading going to this concert for more than squeaky playing though:

1. FN* was going to be there with his family. Lately, dealing with him has been ridiculous. No taking or returning my calls and, supposedly, not receiving my emails. Then claiming I told him nothing of Mini Red's events after I have created this very detailed calendar for him to follow all of her events for the year. In short... Fookin frustrating the hell outta me.

Result: He was bearable and I had a nice conversation with his wife about Mini Red. I was thankful I didn’t have to sit with them.

2. The last big concert was last year where the 5th graders came to the Middle School for what is called a Cluster Concert between the schools. I got cornered by the Mother of a girl who had been causing trouble with Mini Red. I'm the type of person to avoid any confrontation and I know my Mini Red and she has a tendency to cause some trouble but this woman went over the line and out came my temper. I got back in her face and assured her she had a lot of wrong information from her Devil Child and that she might just want to recheck her information. Meanwhile FN* was standing nearby at the ready if necessary. Ends up there were a lot of details I was unaware of with this Devil Child but her doped up mother DID NOT have correct information.
Anyhow, there’s been recent activity from the Devil Child where the she punched Mini Red in the stomach. Yeah I know… Can you imagine how livid I was with this information? Seems there was information Mini Red was keeping from me just as the previous time. The Devil Child came back and apologized the next day, but I was bugging Mini Red continuously to make sure she wasn't keeping anything from me just in case the Devil Child's mother cornered me again. I hate being unprepared.

Result: The Devil Child and her mother left the concert early. I think that family is getting a reputation.

All in all I have renewed faith in these events and I was glad my Mom and Sister were there for backup. Don't worry about Mini Red I have encouraged her to listen to her Father and cousin when they give her tips to defend herself and I will back her up.

* Please note: Ex husband hence forth known as Fuck Nuts a/k/a FN.

December 20, 2006

Tis the season to help and the best way to help is by giving

Lately, I have been noticing a lot more commercials for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. They have a huge campaign in gear trying to raise money to help more kids with cancer. Every time I see something about St. Jude's I think of what happened this past summer.

My co-worker, Dawn, had often spoken of her best friend's son James. James is six years old and the son of Diane and George. Diane and George have been friends with Dawn and Mark since 1987. Dawn and Di carried their sons together and gave birth just six months apart. Michael and James became best friends and saw each other frequently until Dawn, Mark and Michael moved to Illinois. The two families have not lost touch or their friendship and meet up at least once a year. In Dec 2004, young James was diagnosed with a cancer known as Wilm's Tumor. Earlier this year they noticed the tumors getting smaller with treatments. Unfortunately, the treatments did not continue to be successful and late July the family notified friends that there is nothing else they can do and they only expected James to live another month.

James passed away August 10th in his sleep.

These families have been through so much. If you would like to make a contribution to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in James's name, please follow this link: Donate

Maybe our donations can help save a kid just like James.

St. Jude's Celebrity Friends
(Click photos for videos)

The Celebrity Friends Video

December 19, 2006

It's snowing at my desk!

I walk in this morning to find this:

Evidently, yesterday when I was on-site the afternoon proved to be quiet as it tends to be around this time of year. So my co-workers made snowflakes and hung them above my desk.

I'm feeling the love!

Oh... Here is the only photo we were able to catch of the Delorean:

Have you ever come across something that just stops you in your tracks?

You’re just amazed that someone would even think of such a thing. Your jaw hit the ground and you can’t stop watching as if it was a train wreck. At the same time you can’t help but laugh, which you definitely wouldn’t do at a train wreck.

I found just such a thing.

Squeeze along to the motivational song 'Do the Kegel' with The Vulva Sisters.

December 18, 2006

Guest post by Mini Red

By Mini Red

As you all may know Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Mans Chest has come out on DVD. I went to my dads last weekend and He had the 2-disc Edition and on the second disc there was a documentary about Davy Jones. Did you know that Bill Nighy plays Davy Jones? In the documentary they said that Bill gave a whole funny / scary personality. There is this one part that Mama Red loves is when Davy Jones puffs out his top lip when he is on the Black Pearl and is talking to Jack about the price of his soul. Mama Red, my dad and myself all love the Pirates of the Caribbean movies and my dad thought that the trilogy would be like the Indiana Jones trilogy the first and the third are great and the second is not so great, Mama Red said that it was great. Also they both said that the Graphics where awesome and I agreed to that, and both also said that in the theaters they could not understand Tia Dalma (the woman that the crew of the Black Pearl went to see so they could find the Key to the Dead Mans Chest).

December 17, 2006

I'm gonna sleep good tonight cause a lot was accomplished today

Mini Red started her day early with a 5am bloody nose. She let me sleep but I was still up a little early. We got ourselves together and were out of the apartment by 9am. There were a few errands to run prior to hitting the Metro on our way to The Uptown to see Eragon. She was so excited and so was I. We parked and headed to the trains when Mini Red said “Oh no!”

What”, I said.

I have another bloody nose!”

So we ran back to the car before it got bad and luckily I had a new box of tissues in the car. Mini Red was bothered by this since she had already had one early this morning. We cleaned her up and got on our way.

It was all perfect timing since we arrived at the Uptown at 10:30 for the 11am showing and the box office didn’t open til 10:40. On top of that Saturday Matinees are only $5 per person. Wahoo Jackpot! We got the movie price karma going on.

We grabbed our seats smack in the middle. The place has been renovated and I think these seats were extra new. I wouldn’t be surprised since it was only a few months ago Kevin Costner, Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore were at The Uptown for the premier of The Guardian. I mentioned to Mini Red that Ashton Kutcher could have sat in the very seat she was sitting in. You should have seen the smile on her face at the thought of it.

The movie was great but I couldn’t help but feel something was lacking. Saphira was beautiful and I loved how her wings looked. Edward Speleers plays Eragon and this is his first film but his supporting cast has some big names such as Jeremy Irons and John Malkovich. Rachel Weisz is the voice of Saphira but something seems off at times.

After the movie we hopped back on the Metro to run our errands and finish our Christmas shopping.

First we went to White Flint and talk about a crazy place. We hit a few stores and got out of there as soon as possible with a few gifts. Next stop… Toys-R-Us. Yes this was just as scary and I’m here to tell ya the people were brain dead in there. You had to give them a little push to move their brain dead bodies out of your way. When it was time to pay I must have gotten some line karma cause when I looked over at this one cashier and mouthed “Are you open?” Jackpot! She was and no one was paying attention so I moseyed right past a few others, paid and was free of Zombie-R-Us.

Next stop... Chipotle to share a vegetarian bowl. The place was packed and I noticed a woman was sitting alone at a table for four. Mini Red went over and asked if we could share. As I was in line I could see Mini Red was engaged in conversation with the woman. When I got there the woman complimented how nice and personable Mini Red was. She was very nice and had one daughter who was at college. I looked at her and saw myself in a few years when Mini Red is off at college. It’s always nice to meet friendly people like her.

Back in the car and we headed towards Bed Bath and Beyond to get Dad’s gifts for Mom. I had stopped by the folks after the movie to get Dad’s credit card so I could do some of his shopping. My sister and I tend to do Dad’s shopping for Mom. It becomes a collective to get the job done and it doesn’t help that we are all clueless as to what to get her this year.

After BB&B we put the BB&B stuff in the car and cut across the parking lot to hit Circuit City rather than getting back in the car to go to Best Buy. This was another smart move since I found what I was looking for and saved some moolah. Plus I picked up the movie White Christmas for a steal. Mini Red wasn’t happy with this because the thought of that movie gets the song Sisters stuck in my head and I drove her bonkers singing it.

Mini Red was tired and so was I but next stop was Montrose Crossing. The plan was to park at the grocery store and hit the Marshalls for a gift we needed for Sunday. We decided to hit the bookstore and Starbucks first. As we parked I turned around and noticed it. A Delorean! I tried to get a picture with my cell phone but no luck. Mini Red and I got out of the car and headed toward our destination but realized the Delorean was not getting out to quickly so I handed Mini Red the phone as we started running but then I let her run ahead. She ran the length of this shopping center and I just started laughing. Mini Red was determined to get a picture and she wanted it so bad. A woman smiled as she saw Mini Red run past and when she saw me (It’s evident I’m the Mom due to the matching red hair) she said “ I thought that’s what that car was.” Well Mini Red didn’t get the picture but we laughed our asses off over her running like a crazy kid trying to get the picture. It was the sixth wind we need to finish up and get home.

We did our thing in the bookstore including a much needed coffee for me. Marshalls was freaking nuts and when I went up to pay there were only two registers open and the lines were huge. They started to open more registers and the customers got crazy. If I had more patience I would have hung out to see the people fight because that vibe was in the air… you know it... Some call it that Holiday Spirit. I left and I still needed one more gift for Sunday.

Mini Red was awesome and ran with me to Old Navy where I got a gift and saved some money. One more stop… The grocery store and thank goodness I had a list. The goal was to finish and get out of there and get home where there is more work to do. I gave Mini Red and item to find and she would come find me and then run for another. We got a full list of groceries and she got us a great place in line. God Bless this munchkin she wanted to get home.

We stopped to drop off Dad’s credit card and I was not happy because I still have to make food for the birthday party on Sunday when all I want to do is veg on the “Fat Ass” couch with Mini Red. It’s my friend’s son’s fifth birthday party and I’m cooking and need to double it. So I’m getting mad about this and mad at them but it’s my fault because I didn’t say no. They spent the day at the zoo and I spent the day getting ready for the holidays and then finally get home to cook for them. They don’t celebrate the holidays so they don’t have any of these pressures and just hung out with each other all day. Yes, jealous is I.

As we carried our bags, from a very full day, into the apartment I decide I don’t want to do this anymore. I say to Mini Red that next year we will just go away for a week in some very warm place rather than all this chaos. She looks at me like I’m crazy but I explain that we can stay through New Year’s and this will be our gift.

NO PRESENTS?” She says.

I tell her, “I’ll get ya a little something but this will be a vacation and that’s a big present. We can sit on a beach and swim…”

I had to stop cause the look on her face was priceless. I could probably talk her into it. Hmmm

I fixed the food while Mini Red watched Polar Express and wrapped gifts. I’ve decided that I don’t have to be a perfectionist with the wrapping and just let Mini Red do it. She got the gifts for Sunday done and a few others. Wahoo!

I am so relieved at this very moment cause the food is prepared and the dishes are all in the dishwasher. I only have to find room in the fridge for the food because clean up is DONE!

Done! Phew I’m so glad this day is DONE! Finished! Finito! On top of that so much has been accomplished. I couldn't have done it with out Mini Red. She was a real trooper.

December 15, 2006

D.C. Fog

This morning's fog was something else. I drove Rock Creek Parkway and when driving by the water you couldn't see a thing. I guess it wasn't a good morning for rowing, huh?

I found the trees in the fog absolutely beautiful and captured this photo with my cell phone as I was nearing the Memorial Bridge.

December 14, 2006

Heed this warning when enjoying your office Holiday Party because this could be you

My Office’s Holiday Party is Friday afternoon and is sure to spill over into the evening, for who knows how long, wreaking havoc in Old Town Alexandria. Fun is encouraged as well as safety with the office having even paid to get us cab rides home in the past.

With that said… the cartoon below has been circulating my office.

So if your office has not yet had its holiday party then heed this warning to keep your drink in check at your party to avoid a similar situation.

If not then I want to hear all about it.

December 13, 2006

I don't want to do the shopping because I want to enjoy the rest of it

Sunday night Mini Red and I went to get our Christmas Tree. I ended up spending more than expected but it all went to a good cause… The Bethesda Firehouse.

On our way home we started singing, as we often do, and decided to take our poem and sing it to the tune of We Three Kings, which happens to be my favorite holiday song. We had ourselves in hysterics and must have sung it at least five times.

I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the decorations around town. I'm not a big fan of the colored lights and feel the white lights are better at accenting wherever they are hanging and give an elegant feel. The icicle type white lights always look so beautiful on the Victorian homes. Old Town Alexandria always looks beautiful down King Street with all the white lights in the trees and I think Bethesda does some of that too. There are some trees at the corner of Woodmont and Wisconsin, at the edge of Bethesda, which I just can't get enough of. It's all so simple but I find it absolutely beautiful.
Now I just need to finish my shopping and there's no time for baking cookies. Help!

December 12, 2006

A mini girl with some some big pain and mini post due soon

My poor little Mini Red is suffering with her first migraine. I should say she was suffering but I had her lay down around 6pm and now she's out for the night.

When I picked her up from Grandma's she looked so pitiful. She got up slowly and said, "Mom! How do you deal with these?" She was crying most of the way home, which is all of two miles but took us ten minutes due to traffic.

There's nothing worse than when your child is in pain.

Keep an eye out... Mini Red is working on a post to, hopefully, be done by the end of the week on the recent DVD release of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest.

She has now decided to call me Mama Red (**eyes rolling**). Oye!

December 11, 2006

What's Kima been up to?

The top of Mini Red's head.

The Successful All Holiday Blog Celebration

Friday was the All Holiday Blog Celebration at the Science Club. So if you’re a Blogger in the DC area and you missed then you missed a lot.

Mrs. M and I got a late start since we had to drop Mini Red off at her school dance. We got off the metro and hoofed it through the bitter cold. It was colder than a witch’s tit in a brass bra. We arrived and found Velvet and Scarlett just inside the door. This is when I realized my face was frozen.

All the bloggers were in the back in an area called “The Lab” but Mrs. M and I needed a drink to thaw us out. We moved to the back and found the host, I-66, along with many other bloggers. I finally got to meet FreckledK and later on Kathryn showed. This was the first time I had really talked to her since my first HH back in August. Home Improvement Ninja organized a 50/50 raffle for Manna and let the Birthday Girl, Kassy, announce the winner. I-66 organized the superlatives and urged the voting at the HH. I’m surprised the results were in as soon as they were. Good job Dude!

For me the Blogger Happy Hours are not complete without my favorite Blogger dudes JoeLogon, Hammer or the ever studly VK. Oh and I must say I disagree with Velvet because I thought Home Improvement Ninja’s sweater was very festive not gay. Lots of new people were in attendance and I just wish I could have talked with them all. One of the new people I really enjoyed meeting is the ever famous KOB from DCBlogs who I’ve heard so much about.

Throughout the night various people, non-bloggers, would walk to the back, push through us all and realize it went nowhere. It reminded me of mice in a maze “Oh no we went the wrong way. These are bloggers! Turn around quick before someone notices us!”

The night ended with another hug demonstration from Hammer. It was another fabulous Blogger Happy Hour and I send kudos to our ever fabulous Social Chairman, I-66.
See you guys next year! Hahahaha

December 10, 2006

The Journey

Thursday morning I hit the road see my Aunt. As I got onto 270 from the beltway I sped up to get my position in the traffic. The tunes were playing and I was singing along as I flew up the road. Next thing I know there's a police officer on my left who blared his sirens at me and motioned for me to slow down before he cut across the lanes and exited. Phew I was lucky and that set precedence for my speed for the rest of the trip.

In no time I was on 81N driving through the mountains. This is the part I love because the mountains are so beautiful. Since it was a weekday there seemed to be more trucks than what I'm used to but on a road like this but I trust the truck drivers more than some of the cars. As I passed the trucks I would see them look out at me passing but that may have been due to the fact that I was car dancing.

Time flew and before I knew it I was exiting at Scranton looking for Steamtown. I entered the gift shop looking for the train whistles and they told me they were out. I thought "NO WAY!" but then the lady told me there was another gift shop at the other end of the parking lot. I was relieved to find them and picked up some coal too.

I got back on the road towards Carbondale and put on the soundtrack to Last of The Mohicans. The drive was beautiful and just as The Kiss was playing it started to snow. It was so surreal.

I finally arrived at the hospital and Aunt Dot seemed happy to see me. I had never seen her look so awful but I kissed her and acted as if this were like any other visit. I was trying to assess her situation because she's not doing as well as I thought. The paralysis is not improving as well as I was told and there's still definitely facial paralysis. As she ate her dinner I was cleaning up the left side of her face as well as fixing her gown. I was worried that she would get irritated at me but I kept it as nonchalant as possible and I think she was happy to have me there fussing over her.

I helped her open the Get Well and Birthday cards I brought her from Mini Red and me. Mini Red included her school photo, which Aunt Dot promptly set up in front of her. Everyone who entered the room not only heard how she wanted to get back to the Rehab Hospital but was shown the photo of Mini Red. Aunt Dot would say "That's my Great Grand Niece" with a big smile.

At dinner time one of the sisters came over from the convent to get me so I could eat with them. I think Aunt Dot was relieved because she had asked at least a half dozen times if Sister Margaret had forgotten to come get me for dinner. There are seven Sisters living at this convent and I tell ya these women are amazing. We had such a nice time talking at dinner and everyone was curious as to my relationship to Aunt Dot and why it is there is no other family.

See Aunt Dot had one sister and that sister had one son. The sister's husband died at an early age and the son had a daughter (me) ten years later. Shortly after the daughter was born the son was killed in Vietnam. The sister lived until 1984, thus leaving no other family between Aunt Dot and myself. A side note here… My Mother remarried when I was eight and I was very lucky to get a great Father, who raised me, and siblings shortly thereafter.

After dinner I hung out with Aunt Dot some more. There wasn't much to talk about but just hanging out there watching the snow seemed to make her happy. After a goodnight sleep and a nice breakfast with the Sisters I headed back to see Aunt Dot before getting back on the road. I was hoping to see her Doctor but the snow had delayed everything in the area and this was probably the reason for the delay of the Doctor. It was so hard to say goodbye and walk out of there but at least she was looking better.

On the drive home I was thinking how rural we all consider Bethesda, Rockville, Gaithersburg but especially Germantown. Those aren't rural compared to Pennsylvania towns. Carbondale is twenty minutes north of Scranton and it's a huge deal for them to think of driving to Scranton. A good portion of the nurses lived within walking distance to the hospital so the thought of driving an hour to work, like I do, was just amazing to them.

As I drive past these towns I couldn't help but think of the people who built them. They were the coal miners and the families that supported them. My hometown is DC and has a history that is taught throughout the country. I can't help but wonder if they teach their history in school? It's been said that Pennsylvania towns are named using Indian words and names but some I really have to wonder about like Shamokin. Was it named after a Shamokin hot chick?

When I travel it's interesting how different yet similar other towns are to my town. The people in these towns seem so innocent but then you notice something that tells you otherwise. I saw a pick up truck driving towards Scranton that said Roc Hard Construction on the side. What the???

December 9, 2006

Dane Cook: Growing up Catholic

Lately, I've been hearing about this Dane Cook. For some reason in my head I'm picturing Dame Edna. Boy was I off! Recently, I caught a commercial for Dane Cook, which set me straight.

So I decided to check out On Demand for any Dane Cook stand up. There was… I tell ya this dude is CRAZY funny. My favorite was when he talked about growing up Catholic so I've put it here for you to enjoy.

Growing Up Catholic

December 5, 2006

I need this run to kick The Crud so I can see my Aunt

Last week was crazy and sickly and filled with worry over my Aunt. She was discharged to a Rehabilitation Hospital on Friday and doing really well. They started her therapy on Saturday which it was evident when I spoke to her this afternoon. She seemed much more alert and told me how well she was doing except for her throat, which they are looking into. After our conversation I was ecstatic because it was the best I've felt about her health since the stroke first occurred.

I didn't make it to Scranton over the weekend because I was still too sick. So I took leave and I'm going up Thursday morning and coming back Friday. At the Rehab Center they are very strict because the focus is on getting better so visits are limited. Mini Red isn't happy because she wanted to go but I think I'm unhappier about her not going since she is my in-car DJ as well as my buffer with the older nuns at the convent where I'll be staying. So Red is going solo.

I filled out my Request For Leave form and sent it for approval to YDH. YDH was immediately hanging over the wall, "Are you going to Scranton!"

"Yes", I said, "I will get your train whistle from Steamtown."

"Good! Then I will DEFINITELY approve your request and send it through right away."

My company has done work up there and some were given these train whistles. YDH has been talking about this damn whistle a lot lately but today I found out it had something to do with The Office and an episode involving the train whistle. He looked like a school boy dancing around in excitement that soon the train whistle would be his, but that was after he approved and moved my request forward.

So after another exciting day at work starting with a very interesting demo at a power plant in Fredericksburg and ending with YDH's silliness I pick up Mini Red and headed home to get ready for my standing running date with Mrs. M. We haven't run in the past two weeks due to illness between her, Mini Red and me. I was kind of hoping she would cancel because my nose is still running and it's cold outside. I called to make sure she remembered we were meeting at my place to run this week and we joked how we both knew we needed this but were tempted to cancel due to the cold. I layered up and dug out my knit cap. Mini Red laughed at me when I put it on but I knew I needed it.

I think we had one of our best runs ever. Next time, though, I'm wearing gloves. I thought for sure we would cut it short but if anything we extended it a bit. I see now why people run in this weather… It's easy once you get past the initial cold. My goal was for the running to kick the last of this crud outta me and Mrs. M admitted to the same hope for herself.

Right now I feel great from the run and I'm so happy about my Aunt but not enough to dance around like YDH.

December 3, 2006

I'm so tired of hearing about Brittney Spears

Everyone was on her side when she left K-Fed because it seemed she came to her senses but now she's out every night partying with Paris Hilton. Maybe it's better for her kids to be raised by their nanny? On top of all that the skank keeps forgetting to cover her hoochie with panties and the paparazzi is having a field day.

I can't help but think this is Paris Hilton's way of jacking up her credibility as a human being when Brittney looks like such a fool.

I watched a news report on about Brittney and right after they showed this spoof of a "Day in The Life of Brittney Spears".

Too funny!

December 1, 2006

Today is World AIDS Day

A percentage of each (PRODUCT)RED product sold is given to The Global Fund. The money helps women and children affected by HIV/AIDS in Africa.

I've already purchased my INSPI(RED) t-shirt!