June 9, 2005

The Match Thing... Again!

So I made my profile on Match visible again. Why after all these months? I'm not sure. I saw someone that attracted my attention. A dude then winked at me… "The Brit". Oh no! He had a nickname already! That is never a good sign, as my co-worker Trish will attest to.
I winked back since I was not a paying member... Yet! Next, he emailed me and I debated if I wanted to spend the money to talk to this guy. I showed Nicole and she thought this dude was awesome… just the type I needed. One that was more intellectual as well as athletic, which was noted by pic of him biking... shirtless!
WHOA! It just hit me that his pictures broke two of my rules… one was shirtless and one was with his son. See a shirtless pic, in my opinion, shows a bit of arrogance by showing himself off. Shouldn't I find those things out on my own? A pic with your child I don't feel is fair to the child. Plus that makes him no different than a guy who would rent a dog to walk in the park to pick up women. You don't exploit your family... especially your offspring if you have any decency! Right?
Anyhow, I joined Match the next day and we started emailing... then talking on the phone. Then he started text messaging me then more text messaging and emailing and it seemed a bit excessive. On the fourth day he was emailing and text messaging that evening. Oh... did I mention he kept requesting more and more pictures and alluding to perverted comments? I figured this was the testosterone and ignored it. I then get this email that asked "How green are your eyes now?" When I opened the email it said "Duck and running…" above a picture that he had evidently just taken. OMG! I thought I was gonna see a hot Dawg! Thank goodness I saw no dawg but I definitely saw a lot of his Calvin's. I felt nauseous… the Audacity!
I thought "Am I a prude for this to bother me? Is this how intelligent adults converse before ever meeting?" I decided that if I'm a prude… then so be it! that is how I feel and so I disappeared for the rest of the evening and he continued to send text messages til after 11:30. Oye! Needless to say… I didn't meet him on the fifth day.
Meanwhile… I had to work on site that fifth day and came back to the Alexandria office to finish my crazy afternoon. So Becca and I go to Starbucks for our afternoon coffee. We passed the "CourtHouse Boy" who stepped in behind us going to Starbucks.
You must first understand that I have noticed "CourtHouse Boy" for years and been crushing on him. I caught him looking my way one day a year or so ago and forced myself to make eye contact (that is no easy feat for me!). After that I swear he would see me and turn and run in the other direction. Ok… no biggie… he must be gay! Or it was the HUGE booger hanging from my nose! LOL. So back to present day in Starbucks… I got my coffee and waiting for Becca's order. He gets his coffee and passes in front of me and I smiled at him.
He actually speaks to me! OMG!
"Excuse me. Do you mind if I ask you a really embarrassing question?" He says.
I'm dumbfounded.
"Are you on Match?" He continues.
First I'm shocked he said Match out loud! There are rules to this Match thing… just like Fight Club.
First rule of Match… You don't talk about Match,
Second rule of Match… You don't talk about Match,
And Third rule of Match… You don't tell anyone you met on Match.
So I say to him, "W-w-well I was. But then I wasn't and then I was and now I'm not." with an awful stupid grin on my face.
So he walks out and I walk over to Becca who is standing there dumbfounded and she says, "His name is Mike".
"Did he say that cause I didn't hear that." I'm so confused.
She tells me she heard it from the Starbucks guy.
What an odd little day!
The estrogen in me gets me thinking... "What just happened and what does that mean?"