May 31, 2005

Memorial Day

Our Memorial day hasn't gone as planned, The Kiddo and I made three attempts to go on the trail exploring. We have always gone in the same direction and decided we need to check out the other direction towards Silver Spring. The first attempt was a water problem so we headed out a second time from a different direction. It was going well and Downtown Bethesda was WAY over crowded but the trail wasn't. Our exploring started and The Kiddo saw a familiar park. Just after we passed the park I forewarned her of the potholes and her Mommy deafness was in full swing so she bit it! I saw it coming and I couldn't grab her in time and as a Mom I'm full of mixed emotions like: "MY BABY IS HURT!" and "Why didn't you listen to MOMMY?" and "You didn't listen to Mommy and now you hurt my BABY!" LOL. So we pulled off into the park and I poured the water on her WOUNDS. I capitalize WOUNDS since she was fine until she saw blood. A family went walking by and the Dad stopped and looked at The Kiddo and said "Jeeze you must be tough because I couldn't handle that". Then she was worried about infection. I explained that once I crashed on my bike and tore up my elbow with all sorts of gravel imbedded and had to walk half a mile home before I could clean it out. You know like the whole "When I was a kid I had to walk through 5 miles in the snow with no shoes to get to school". Anyhow... we got back on the trail with The Kiddo's impressive wounds and headed back towards home in the hopes of continuing on the path we are familiar with. Well that didn't work and the path was way overcrowded and The Kiddo has a history of wreaking havoc on the path and almost causing accidents. She scared the bugeegees out of a biker just the other day.
So we skipped going to my brother's pool much to The Kiddo's dismay and headed to Outback. We were starving and we still had to hit the grocery store but not until the hunger went away. We ate so much and The Kiddo had eyes bigger than her stomach that we both ended up in a food coma and were barely able to get through the grocery store.
We finally made it home so The Kiddo could soak her knees and try to get more of the dirt out of them. She had already put peroxide on the wounds, and put on a big acting scene, and didn't want to do that again. She is excited to show off her wounds at school... she even has a little one on her elbow. WAHOO!

May 21, 2005

My fabulous trip to Puerto Vallarta! Jen and I seem to be dressing alike. hmmmmmm Posted by Hello

The Poem!

Often I can be overheard saying "Lordy Lordy" and one evening The Kiddo and I are buzzing around our apartment and it evolved into a poem.

Note: It MUST be spoken with a southern accent.

Lordy, Lordy puddin n pie
I kissed a toad an made him cry.
I found a wart upon my lip
So I hopped aboard the very next ship.
I sailed the Ocean wide and blue
Until one day I said, "Achoo!".
When I opened my eyes I saw my friend Lou
Who said "God bless you!"

This may beat the phrase I love so much "Spectacles, Testicles, Wallet & Watch". This has been used as a comical way for Catholics to remember the correct way to do the sign of the cross, and obviously from a long time ago. I first heard it in the movie "Nuns on the Run". It is also used in reference to checking yourself as you walk out the door to make sure you have everything.

May 20, 2005

This is a TEST! A test of the Blogger System

Are you ready for the Life of Red? My experiences and views of the world around me. Everyone says I need to write this stuff down. Well..... here goes..........