January 30, 2007

Happy Birthday Mini Red

Happy Birthday Mini Red!

Mini Red is 12 today. This means I now have to pay full price for her at the movies.

I love this munchkin more than anything else and I can't believe how fast she is growing.

January 28, 2007

The Washington Auto Show

After work I rushed home to pick up Mini Red so we could pick up the tickets, from the dealership and get on our way. My goal was to get to the Auto show by 7pm, if we were lucky.

As luck would have it we got there by 6:30. We immediately got in line to ride in the Jeeps and thank goodness the line wasn’t too bad and we only had to wait about 35 minutes.

As we stood there watching the Jeeps drive by it was noticed that the Cherokee bumper was scraping as it came down the last hill. As it got closer to our turn I counted and realized we would have the Cherokee with the messed up bumper. The two dudes behind us were happy they weren’t going to be in the Cherokee. As the Jeeps pulled up they asked Mini Red and I if we would like to double up with the people in front of us and ride in the open Rubicon. We were more than happy to as to avoid the messed up bumper car. The dudes behind us were pissed. In hindsight I don’t see why it would matter about the bumper but in our 35 minutes in line it’s as if it became a status thing. The ride was really cool so I suggest doing this if you can.

We moved along to see the other cars. Scion is always giving away something and Mini Red loves that. We sat in one of those odd boxy cars and it just didn’t even seem like a car.

We mulled around and came across the Lamborghinis and the classic cars. Some of the specialty cars had these scantily clad women hanging all over them. There was this one chick that was all made up with a short skirt and a very small top. I just couldn’t get over the muffin top she had considering she was a skinny girl. Just didn’t make no damn sense to me.

We moved to the upper level where we could check out Ford, Cadillac, Mazda and Pontiac to name a few. We had only 30 minutes until the show closed.

The first stop was Mini Red’s favorite, the Hummer. We sat in three with her driver’s seat. Next stop was Pontiac because I wanted to see the G6 convertible and if there was much of a change for the 2007. I asked to see the trunk of the convertible out of curiosity and was surprised to see it’s nearly unusable when the top is down because it’s hard top moves into the trunk. The thing I love about my G6 is all the space it has considering it’s a coupe. I can fit at least two sets of golf clubs in the trunk and four people inside.

As we were walking away from Pontiac they announced the show was closing in ten minutes and to walk to the exit. Well I wasn’t done and wanted to walk by Ford first, but Mini Red panicked and said, “But Mom! They told us to leave!”

It’s ok Mini Red we have ten minutes which is more than enough to walk by Ford first.”

This made her uneasy but she soon succumbed to my ways and after seeing Ford we started making our way to the exit. This wasn’t fast enough though so they took to chasing us out. I have photographic evidence.

Mini Red and I had a great time together. We were disappointed at the lack of concept cars but the day ended on a wonderful note, considering how it had begun.

Maybe next year I can get to the International Auto Show in Detroit but at least I have the Washington one. See you there next year.

The Three Amigos

I love this movie. Especially when they sing "My Little Buttercup".

January 26, 2007

Oh Lordy... It's just been one of those days

Everything I have tried to do today has been difficult. Nothing wants to work and stoopid things are happening. So everything has been twice as difficult as is necessary.

I was working on site, downtown, for most of the day and when I arrived back at the office Ms. Na'Imah demonstrated and posed for a photo that defines how I feel about today.

(She's beautiful even when making lewd gestures)

On the upside... I was able to procure two tickets for the Auto Show from my car dealership. This means a lot to me since:

1) I missed out on the tickets my office had.

2) The pocketbook hasn't been feeling well and Mini Red and I have been trying to save money.

Things aren’t always as they seem

I’ve come across several blogs in the last week that mentioned men’s dress shirts and in particular women in men’s dress shirts. Yes I think it can be sexy but I have to say that a man in a dress shirt can look pretty hot. Don’t get me wrong I believe a flannel shirt and jeans on a man are hot too, especially, if the jeans fit just right in the rear.

So last night I had this dream about a dude who took his white dress shirt off and his back was covered in tattoos. It was like this other side of him was hidden beneath that dress shirt. I couldn’t help but think this was a dude who is a professional but when he is away from his office he’s his own person and he can shake off that skin, that’s his work, and just be him.

Isn’t this what most of us strive for? I think this is in all of us and no matter what you think you see in a person underneath there is something completely different when you peel those layers away.

I have a tattoo on the inside of my ankle. I didn’t want a girlie flower or anything and I couldn’t even tell you what the symbol represents. I can, however, tell you that for me it represents that nothing is as it seems and don’t judge a book by it cover. When winter is over and my pants get shorter and shorter the tattoo gets noticed and those who hadn’t seen it before are surprised. I guess they wouldn’t expect me to have a tattoo. You just never know what you’ll get when you peel away the layers.

January 25, 2007

Planning Ahead: What do you do when the color goes?

Lately, I’ve been noticing a few hairs going white. Very few mind you and nothing to freak over but if this means my natural color is going soon then what do I do?

My hair has been my signature for so long and sometimes I still have to wonder if people are staring at the hair, the boobs or if I have a booger hanging out of my nose.

So what do I do when it really starts going white? Not sure I want to dye it because then your addicted and next thing you know your in your 70’s and your dye job looks really fake.

I could start dying it more of an auburn or a brown? My natural color is unusual and it’s amazing how many stop me to find out who did my dye job. No one could match it or if they could I just couldn’t afford it.

I just don’t know what I’m going to do because if I let it just take its natural course then it’s not a very nice end result.

I never did try that henna. Maybe I should since it’s natural and harmless to my hair.

January 22, 2007

Dealing with obnoxious people on public transportation. A lesson from a Chicagoian

Here’s a great idea for dealing with obnoxious people on the Metro.

Lefty Tude’s Subway Drama in Chicago.

If anyone tries this I want to hear all about it.

It was supposed to be a relaxing weekend... All in all I guess it was

Saturday my goal was to sleep and get rejuvenated. I even got some Excedrin PM to help. See I’ve had these elbow issues for some time now and I’ve been in Physical Therapy. It was going really well until I got back from Chicago. My Physical Therapist is now working on my neck and after he pointed this out I realized that my neck has been bothering me again and usually it’s from stress. You would think my neck would have bothered me prior to the holidays considering all the stress, but it didn’t. I’ve also realized some of my issues are due to the computer and primarily the mouse. Yeah work doesn't help the stress either (*sarcasm*).

I’m kinda embarassed even going into therapy at this point because it seems it’s my stress and I’m just frustrating the PT guy. I’m the type of person that usually avoids the doctor but PT is something I haven’t missed because this painful arm is something I’ve dealt with for far too long. I can hardly carry anything anymore and I’m thankful Mom got me a cart as a Christmas gift. Damn I’m feeling old.

I can’t let the computer cause this issue either. This week I will start my first college course, Intro to Graphic Design. I am so excited about this class but I’m nervous too. I’m betting the nervousness will pass after the first class. I just don’t know what to expect.

So I was able to sleep in on Saturday and bum around. I fell asleep again and was up at strange hours. I took an Excedrin PM and chilled out on the couch when I noticed I had missed a call. “Who would be calling me at 3:30 in the morning”, I thought. Then the home phone rang and it was Mini Red. She was upset and sitting in the car because her Dad’s house had a fire. They were very lucky and caught it early but it was very scary. I kept saying, “Let me come pick you up”, but she said, “No”. I just wanted to have her home safe with me. After I got off the phone with her I realized it was a good thing because I had taken that Excedrin PM. Then I was glad I had taken it because I might have stayed awake worrying about Mini Red. She was ok she wanted to stay and support her Dad and his wife. What an awesome kid she is.

Sunday was another relaxing day and I was just trying to keep from bugging Mini Red to come home early. So I headed out to see Pan’s Labyrinth. What a cool movie and definitely not for kids cause it had some real gruesome moments.

Afterwards I headed out to pick up Mini Red and this was not easy due to the snow. I left at 4pm and didn’t get back until 7:30. The crazies were definitely out. I think part of the issue with snow in the DC area is there are so many people from so many different places that live here. So when it snows people who aren’t used to it just freak out.

On our way home I told Mini Red the story of Pan’s Labyrinth, which made the time fly by. We then stopped and picked up one of our favorite meals from El Pollo Rico so we could relax together after her crazy weekend.

Mini Red doesn’t have school tomorrow but I’m hoping I don’t have to go into work.

January 20, 2007

The Girls saw DreamGirls tonight and LOVED it!

Some of my co-workers and I decided to meet up after work, grab a bite to eat and go see DreamGirls. We decided to go to the Hoffman Theaters, which are HUGE, and eat at Ruby Tuesday’s right next door.

Tori’s sister met up with us and the six of us had so much fun. I don’t know the last time I laughed that hard. It must have been our waiter's first night cause he was having a lot of difficulties. On top of that he was a soft talker and we had fun messing with him until he messed up our orders. None of our food came out at the right time and we ate in shifts. But none of this mattered because we were having a good time. That was until we noticed the time and had to get the check and he was just plain incompetent.

Luckily, we had gotten our tickets before we ate so we were able to go right in. We had great seats in the top row, dead center. I sat next to Tori who would sing along and used her arms like they did in the movie. When Jennifer Hudson sang And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going it sent chills all over my body and I got a bit verclempt. People were hooting, hollering, clapping and yelling “Sing it Sister!” Damn that woman can sing… All of them can really belt it out... It just gets ya.

I probably wouldn’t have seen this movie in the theaters if it weren’t the group of us going but I’m telling ya it was a great movie and everyone should see it.

On our way out I was attempting to get a picture, using my camera phone, but Liz wasn’t having it. She was walking out the door and I caught her goofing around waving. She didn’t think I would get her in the picture but I did.

Side Note: A year ago Friday (the 19th) I was rear ended. The entire rear of my car had to be replaced. The accident wasn't particularly bad except it was the first time I was in an accident and I hadn't had my new car even three weeks when it happened. It took four weeks to repair because they had to wait for the parts to come off the assembly line. Then there were the spasms in my back and my visits to the chiropractor trying to get some relief.

It was a horrible and depressing time in my life.

Tonight on my way home I was coming off the beltway onto Connecticut Ave when a car ran a red light and hit the car in front of me. Thank goodness everyone was ok but I can't help but thank the Big Dude Above for watching out for me. Phew!

January 19, 2007

The head is growing pubes

I haven't been in my office for a few days and been on site. When I got back I noticed the head has some serious hair (grass) growth and all my plants were seriously lacking in water. I must get on my co-workers for having my back on this for the future.

I promptly started watering the plants and took the head to the sink to fill ups it’s little glass jar. This is when I noticed it. The head is growing pubes.

One of my co-workers suggested it might be chin hairs but looks more pube like to me.

Then came the question: Is the head a boy or a girl?

Well it has earrings and green pearl earrings at that so I would assume it was a girl. On the other hand the hair is like a green Don King style and the rope that hangs from the head to soak up the water could be penis like in nature. I still can’t help but think of it as a girl.

I guess she needs a name since she is already going through puberty. Let me know if you have any ideas for names.

W O R K virus

There is a dangerous virus being passed around electronically, orally, and by hand. This virus is called Worm-Overload-Recreational-Killer (WORK).

If you receive WORK from any of your colleagues, your boss, or anyone else via any means DO NOT TOUCH IT. This virus will wipe out your private life completely. If you should come into contact with WORK, take two good friends to the nearest grocery store. Purchase the antidote known as Work-Isolating-Neutralizer-Extract (WINE) or Bothersome-Employer-Elimination-Rebooter (BEER). Take the antidote repeatedly until WORK has been completely eliminated from your system.

January 17, 2007

Apartment living can really suck sometimes (Annoying Neighbors)

I tend to get to bed late on a pretty regular basis but I’m talking midnight tops.

Last night I got into bed and watched a little of the boob tube before dozing off somewhere before midnight. I had the window open since it was so nice outside and inside was hot. I could hear the new neighbors and if I had the blinds open more I could see them due to the shape of this building.

Despite the neighbors I fell asleep until 1am when they decided to get a bit more rowdy. Ugggh what are they thinking? I’m irritated and shut my window.

I was able to fall back asleep but was woken again at 2am. I’m so tired, it’s getting hot in here and they don’t look like they are slowing down anytime soon. So I decide to take a hint from Mr. FBI Guy.

I walk out on my balcony and I can see one person is on the balcony with the door open and the others are playing some game inside. I refuse to get louder than them so I get my flashlight to attempt to get Mr. Drunk Ass’s attention. No luck until a dude and this chick walk out on the balcony. The dude says, “ARE WE BEING TOO LOUD?

In a hushed yell I say, “You all need to SHUT UP! Most people have to work around here!” Along with a few other mumbles from me.

They got quiet real fast after that.

Normally, I would just seethe and try to get back to sleep. I’m tired of suffering due to stoopid people. I guess old age changes you and I think I like this change… So far.

January 16, 2007

It feels good when you get a lot accomplished.

It's been a busy four day weekend. I took Friday off after Ra asked me to watch her boys that afternoon. She never has anyone watch the boys and I know she doesn’t have many people in the area so I was happy to help out.

I was planning on working in the morning but decided to take the full day off. I had my physical therapy in the morning. The elbow was getting much better but since the new year it has decided to act up considerably and frustrating the poop outta me.

Next stop… The G-Car needed its oil changed and what-nots checked over. Sitting in the waiting room is where I learned Rachel Ray has a talk show. I love her cookbooks but I have to wonder if she is trying to be the next Martha Stewart. She had Lisa Rinna on and I have no idea what they were talking about between my fascination of her lips and this woman who walked into the waiting room giving me all the details on how her hairstyle was supposed to be like Lisa Rinna's. I am so not interested because I’m trying to get a better look the TV and those strange lips, which seem get in the way of her talking. They look so full that I’m expecting them to burst at any moment.

My next stop is something I have been procrastinating on and now I’m down to the wire. I had to go to the community college to retake my English assessment. If I made two more points this time then I wouldn’t have to take an English class and could go straight to the other classes I’m interested in. I had to go to a couple of buildings, get authorization and then take the test but it didn’t take as long as I had anticipated. When I left I could have done cartwheels to my car because I finally just went in and took care of it. If I have to take the English class then that is fine and I probably really need it then.

Next stop… Ra’s so she can feed me before she and her hubby head out. I’m nervous since the youngest, who is almost 2, is such a mama’s boy and cries if he can’t find her. As they are walking out the door I occupy him with some game and he was never the wiser. He didn’t cry once not even when I put them in the car. Ra says she has to bribe him to get in the car because he hates it. Maybe he had no problem because we were heading on an adventure to get Mini Red and the boys love Mini Red. Ra was amazed at his behavior and how good the boys were for me but her oldest had said his little brother wouldn’t cry for Auntie Red and he was right.

The afternoon flew by and we all headed out to dinner to celebrate Ra’s birthday. Before we left another friend of Ra’s stopped by to drop off a birthday gift. I had given her a smores / fondue set I thought they could all enjoy and no card. I’m not much of a card person except for special occasions. “Save a Tree” is what I say. This is a new friend who wrote her something beautiful about how she values her friendship. Ra turns to me and says, "Red, why can’t you write me things like that?

I replied, “I don’t have to because you know I love you and your boys don’t cry when I BABYSIT them.

We both had a laugh. She and I have been friends a long time. Ra stayed with Mini Red and me for two weeks before she left the area to get married. The apartment I was in at the time was really small so she just stayed in my room with me. One night Mini Red woke up and Ra went and got her and next thing I know there were three of us in my bed. When you’re that comfortable with someone you know you’ve found a good friend. We’ve had our ups and downs as friends but I think that just makes our friendship stronger.

Friday was a long day and we still needed to throw some things together for our trip to see Aunt Dot. I’m not a big planner and tend to do these things last minute. Same went for booking a hotel room, which I did at 10pm Friday night.

Mini Red and I were looking forward to Monday and no responsibilities. We planned to be lazy and to see a movie. We succeeded! We didn’t sleep as late as we had hoped but we got out to the movie “Night at the Museum”, which was fantastic. I wouldn’t have thought so but everyone that has seen it has loved it.

We stopped to pick up my finished coffee table from my parents. I started refinishing this table back in the summer but then just let it go. It wasn’t going where I wanted it to so I stopped for a while until I figured it out, which I did recently.

After I went for a run I put the pieces of the coffee table together and Mini Red helped me put it in place. It was the perfect end to a long weekend.

Happy MLK Day!

January 15, 2007

It was a dreary drive but we are glad to be home

We got a late start and the trip up to Scranton seemed to take forever. I would guess the rain and fog didn’t help. At one point it got dark so fast I had to confirm with Mini Red for fear something was wrong with my tired eyes.

We arrived and Aunt Dot seemed happy to see us. She looks so good and I couldn’t have asked for more other than her dancing down the hallway. She is living in assisted living and it’s the building next to where she lived prior to the stroke. Seems I’m the only one she complains to but she hates it there and refuses to settle in. So much so that she doesn’t want to even use the dressers.

Her former living arrangements were like a dorm. No A/C and they all share a dorm like bathroom. Back in August when I first saw the new assisted living facility I could help but hope she would want to move there soon just for peace of mind and the fact that she would soon be 94. Her age alone should have been reason enough. Her new digs give her a bedroom and a living area as well as her own huge bathroom. Not-to-mention the balcony she shares with her neighbor.

The nurses are some wonderful people. As I watched them I could help but just feel like a heel of a person because of how much good they do for these women they tend to. They bring out these amazing smiles in my Aunt that remind me a baby’s smile.

Quite a few of her friends stopped by to greet us but the best was when they were all at dinner. Mini Red and I stayed in my Aunt’s room and ate the sandwiches we brought. One of the Sister’s was worried and came by to bring us napkins and check on us. She was tickled by Mini Red and loved our hair.

Sister: “I used to be a red head too!”
Red: “Oh I can tell.”
Sister: “I always wanted to have black hair.”
Red: “Me too!”
Sister: “Plus I wanted to be a boy so they would call me Peter.”
Red: “Oh.”
Yeah… I was stumped at that last comment. She excused herself and went back to her dinner. I felt bad for laughing about it (to myself) and thought maybe she just loved the Apostle Peter. Yeah the Apostle! Ok, whatever way you look at it that was a funny comment and her face was priceless. These women are just so cute and innocent.

After Aunt Dot returned from dinner I gathered details of what she wanted me to get from her previous room (that she refuses to give up). We also planned out Sunday and what time we would arrive so Mini Red and I could take her down for church rather than just watching it on the TV.

It wasn’t long before Mini Red and I headed to the hotel, which is where I decided that I am a SNOB. This place scared me a bit. They didn’t even ask me for ID when we checked in but at least the dude was watching “The Wedding Date”, which for some reason this put me at ease. We found our room and Mini Red set down her stuff and jumped on the bed. I yelled “Stop!” I just didn’t want her touching the bed spread cause I’ve heard some stories that just oogie me out. This is when I realized I was a snob and I just needed to chill out.

I told Mini Red and I discussed Aunt Dot and how she needs to speak up and enunciate when she speaks to Aunt Dot because she was having a hard time hearing her. Mini Red said, “It’s tough Mom cause your always telling me to talk softer and now your telling me to talk louder. It’s confusing.” I had to agree with her but all the Sisters had painful looks on their faces when Mini Red spoke because they were trying desperately to understand her.

We struggled to get up the next morning but got me some coffee and we arrived with enough time to visit before church. The nurse got her settled in the wheelchair and we made our way downstairs to the chapel. We got her positioned up front after she gave us some instructions on how it works there. After Mass everyone gathered for lunch, which is a big ordeal getting everyone on the two elevators with all their equipment (wheelchairs, walkers etc).

We ran some errands for Aunt Dot and gathered some items from her old room and visited for a bit before hitting the road around 4:30. I was dreading the drive home due to the weather and I was right. It was dark, dreary and very foggy but I gave Mini Red the camera to see what she could capture before all light was lost.

We made it home in just over three and a half hours due to the lead foot I inherited from Aunt Dot. She always giggles at this comment. Mini Red and I had fun with music, the camera and we talked.

Monday we will sleep in and hang out in our jammies before heading out to see Night at the Museum, which I have heard very good things about.

Ok I’m beat so off to bed I go.

January 13, 2007

Road Trip!

The Reds are off on a road trip to see our Aunt.

She's out of the Hospital and the Rehab Hospital and living in assisted living. We are not staying in the convent this time and have a room at a hotel. Mini Red is happy about this.

I spoke to my Aunt yesterday and told her we would take her to church on Sunday (she can't walk on her own). She seemed excited about this and didn't even fight me when I told her we had a hotel room.

Now all we have to do is get on the road. Route 81 here we come.

January 11, 2007

What the hell is wrong with people?

Mini Red and I got home later than usual since it was Family Dinner Night at my parents. We arrive home and we were unwinding when the phone rings. The number looked like it might be someone we know so I answered it.

Man: Can I speak to Red?
Well, who exactly do you need to speak to?
Red: No one has used this phone all ev…
WTF? I am at a complete loss. I tell Mini Red to unplug the phone in her room and I unplugged the phone in my room.

I get online to get the number for the phone company so I can call and report this problem.

The phone rings again.

Man: Can I speak to Mr. Red?
(Here's my first mistake)
Red: There is no Mr. Red. I am contacting the phone company to resolve this.
Man: You need to stop calling me
Red: Sir, I am not calling you but I am trying to contact the phone company to resolve this issue.
Man: ok
At least he was much calmer this time.

So I call the phone company and the more I think about this the more it scares me cause I don’t know what the hell is going on and anyone who works for the FBI wouldn't announce it like that. I tell the phone company what is going on and I give them the number my phone is supposedly calling. Even the woman I was reporting this to thought it sounded scary.

The stooped shit always happens to me. I keep telling myself I shouldn’t be scared because it’s not like it was 25 years ago before Caller ID. When my Mom was a single Mom scary crap like this happen every so often and she would call the police.

After I got off the phone with the phone company Mini Red comes up to me and rattles off this phone number of the man yelling at me.

Red: WHAT?
Mini Red: This is the number my friend So-in-so gave me to call her.
Mini Red: No I didn’t call it. Well... I started to but I stopped.
Red: You were using that crappy phone in your room?
Mini Red: Yes.
Red: Bring it here.
As she is getting the phone I called Mr. FBI back. Now he is all nice.

Red: Hello this is Red.
Man: Oh yes.
Red: Do you have a daughter named So-in-so?
Man: Why yes.
Red: She's friends with my daughter.
Man: Oh I’m so sorr…
Man: I’m sor…

So now I’m upset and releasing the fear that welled up in me cause I didn’t want to frighten Mini Red. The phone rings and I unplug it. I can’t help but wonder why this man started by yelling and hanging up on me. By the time I called him back he was reacting like we were friends. What a stoopid dumb fuck!

Oh, and I threw her cheap ass phone away. There was no need for it anyway

I’m exhausted.

January 10, 2007

Sweet Jesús! It was an Awesome game!

My Christmas gift from The Brotha man was two tickets to the game tonight. The Caps played the Flyers and I brought Mrs. M since Brotha man couldn’t go. He has to take care of SIL since they are making me an Auntie in July.

Mrs. M and I got food and beers and we were in our seats before the game started and thank goodness for that perfect timing. Fifteen seconds into the game and the Caps scored! Wahoo!

The game moved quickly and they broke up any fights that started much to my dismay as well as the dudes around us. Brashear scored his first goal with the Caps since he was acquired last July and I thought for sure Ovechkin might have a hat trick but he stopped at two goals. By the beginning of the third period it was looking like Olie might be adding a shutout to his credit with the score at 5–0.

The Flyers scored in the third killing Olie’s dream of adding a shutout to his name. The Flyers scored again before the Caps got one more goal of the evening and a 6-2 victory. After so many years of witnessing the Caps being crushed by the Flyers (or the Penguins) it was a beautiful victory especially with so many of the PA fans in attendance.

After the game everyone raced for the Metro. Mrs. M and I remarked how surprised we were that Metro wasn’t ready for the crowds. It was a good while before the red line had any trains (in either direction) arrive at Gallery Place. At least they finally pulled it together and had a second train arriving quickly behind the first one.

As we stood there on the platform I watched the people and couldn't help but notice the kind of people that Hockey brings out. The men are tall and somewhat burley and so are the women. Hockey games are where you will find large women with mullets wearing their jersey and spandex pants. It is a sight indeed. I don’t think I ever noticed the type of men before and I’m shocked at myself because there are some HOT dudes at the hockey games!

Mrs. M and I decided to wait for the second train and we didn’t have to wait long. We were lucky enough to be able to cop a squat but we had an interesting group sitting near us. Three women and one dude and they were being very loud. Well… the women were loud. They were saying how spoiled they are working in sales and one even said if she went back to school for her Masters she would never make as much money as she was making now. Another girl liked to throw around the work FUCK every time she spoke. This wouldn’t have been so bad if she didn’t emphasize it and just let the word flow. The girl in the middle was the authority on everything and told the third girl her father really needed to spice up his website with some bling for spice after she was describing to her how to ski. They were like watching train wreck and I couldn’t look away.

I’ve been away from hockey for far too long and tonight reminded me of that. The talent and physical conditioning it takes to play this game is amazing and I am in awe of these players once again. So if any of you have any tickets you don’t need feel free to throw them my way because that is one expensive sport.

I have always been a Caps fan but after Oates left and the strike I faded. I miss the days of Dale Hunter, Kelly Miller, Chris Simon, Peter Bondra and our local boy Jeff Halpern. They have moved on but I’m coming back to cheer on the Caps. Thanks for a great game tonight!

January 9, 2007

8 Wild Facts about the color Red

I arrived at work this morning to find this at my desk:

1. Red also means "Beautiful" in Russian.

2. The word "ruby" comes from the Latin word rubens, meaning "red".

3. The color red doesn't really make bulls angry; They are color-blind.

4. There are at least 23 different shades of red crayons.

5. The red stripes on the United States Flag stand for courage.

6. Chinese brides traditionally wear red wedding dresses for good luck.

7. Seeing the color red can make your heart beat faster.

8. As few as two percent of people in the United States have red hair.

January 8, 2007

Thank goodness taking the tree out is only once a year

Well that was a bigger ordeal than expected.
This tree was much sappier than last year's so everything became more difficult starting with getting the tree out of the stand. The stand I have pushes against the tree on four sides with screws but not into the tree. There was so much sap it was kinda stuck and took more effort than expected to undo it all. Thank goodness I had Mini Red to hold the tree… Well not really hold it but she kept it from falling over since I haven’t yet figured how to grow a third arm out of my ass yet.

Mini Red and I got the tree out of the apartment, down the hall, onto the elevator and out to the dumpster. Last year the trees were to go in a special area reserved for furniture and large items being trashed rather than the regular dumpster for the everyday trash. We headed directly to this area to find it locked. DAMN! Not to mention it was pouring down rain and I wasn’t going to take the tree back upstairs. So I looked at Mini Red and said, “Think we can get it up over the gate?” Mind you the gate is about seven feet tall.

Of course, Mini Red’s reply was, “Sure Mom!”

Oh Lord what chaos this was. I mean really Mini Red is a little girl so I can’t expect much from her but damn if she didn’t try her hardest. This next part is not easy to describe but try to use your imagination as you think about me pushing this bushy 6 foot tree over a 7 foot gate. I got it up there and it started to fall back down and if a tree had a butt then I was the proctologist. A couple of shoves and the tree went over. I was now spitting pine needles but I'm glad that's done with. Phew!

On our way back in we noticed that we left pine needles everywhere as if we were Gretel and Mini Gretel. We also started noticing how sappy we were. Back in the apartment pine needles are everywhere. I want to laugh about our experience with the tree but the pine needles were making me crazy and I needed them vacuumed IMMEDIATELY. Mini Red was supposed to do this but it wasn’t fast enough for me so I told her I would do it because I needed it done before I could laugh about my encounter with the tree. Last year I actually vacuumed the tree prior to putting the ornaments on because the needles were everywhere but this year’s tree kept its needles until the end. I will assume that is due to the mass amount of sap it seemed to have.

Vacuuming is done and I’m feeling much better so I go to try and clean the sap off my hands. This is when I look in the mirror to find my face covered with remnants of the tree. All over my face, in my hair and in my EARS! I guess I’m not really surprised since my face was balancing the tree at one point.

So the first step in the post holiday clean up is done. I’m off to finish packing up more of the holiday decorations. Hope you have as much fun as I did getting the tree out of your home.

January 7, 2007

Chicago Part II

After seeing the car hanging out of Marina City we headed back down State Street. We were contemplating what or next move was and decided to head over to Millennium Park to see The Bean.

We are fascinated by The Bean so we took pictures and chilled in the park and took a few more pictures.

We then visited a Jamba Juice, which is a favorite of Mini Red. Walked around town more and decided to check out the L. I know I'm goofy but I enjoyed the views and was fascinated by this train that runs between these huge buildings.

We were walking around looking for a Garrett Popcorn Shop and we were stopped twice and asked for directions. How odd?

Two days walking around downtown Chicago and I was beat. So The weekend was relaxed and running errands and getting ready for the New Years Eve Party.

The New Years Eve Party was so much fun. Kate walked in all blinged out including a tiara. Jen started calling her the PrinceASS. I still have to laugh at that name. We had a ton of fabulous food and the drinks were flowing. Before I knew it it was midnight and the party kept on and people were still eating but mostly deserts now.

The PrinceASSes

It was 2am before anyone even thought of leaving but I think everyone was having so much fun and didn't want it to end. Nicole was prepared with plastic ware that she handed out for everyone to take food home.

There was still a lot of food so we pulled it all out again for lunch on New Years Day and then again for dinner when more people came over.

It was definitely one of the better New Years I have experienced. Thanks to all my Chicago friends.

January 6, 2007

The Hanging Car

I found more information on the hanging car.

  • The buildings are called Marina City.

  • The garage is 19 stories high.

  • Each building has 61 floors.

  • The car is hanging off the 17th floor.

  • Allstate has a new commercial based on the movie The Hunter.

  • To see the commercial go here.

    The commercial is cool but I'm still not going to switch my insurance.

    January 4, 2007

    Chicago Part I

    Last Thursday we headed to Chicago. The flight was uneventful but Mini Red enjoyed her window seat.

    Kate picked us up from the airport and we all headed downtown. We met up with Nicole before Kate, Mini Red and I spent the afternoon shopping.

    Downtown Chicago was so crowded due to the after-holiday sales. Mini Red was aching to get to The American Girl Place but that wouldn’t be until the next day, which couldn’t come soon enough for her.

    Friday morning we took the Metra Train into town with Nicole. First thing first and Mini Red and I headed to the American Girl Place. Walking down the Magnificent Mile was beautiful and there were huge lines outside all the stores with people anxious for the sales. With every step Mini Red got more and more excited because she has wanted a doll for a while now and this was so much better than getting one in the mail.

    It didn’t take long to find the red haired doll with the green eyes. It did take a bit longer to find the 2 outfits I promised. We made the purchases and went to find a seat so Mini Red could dress her. She decided on the name of Isolde which seemed to fit. We perused the rest of the store and left just as it was getting crazy.
    Next stop is the Original Cheesecake Factory in the John Hancock Building. We walked back down the Magnificent Mile to drop off some of our purchases before the next leg of our day in downtown Chicago. I can’t get enough of how beautiful the buildings are not to mention how tall they are. As we were walking down Wacker Street I can’t help but stare at this one building that looks like honeycombs. The parking garage is at least 15 stories high and the cars always look as if they could just drive off the building. Guess what we saw when we looked up at the building this time?


    I was amazed but baffled how someone could do this and the car not fall. I would imagine the driver would have shit their pants.

    Isn’t it ironic it was right above that ad for Allstate? The car looks like it’s secured.

    Dammit! It’s an ad! A very impressive ad but I was disappointed. I was really hoping it was the result of a stoopid person.

    Later in the evening I was taking pictures and trying to capture the night sky and the beautiful lights. I noticed I captured the dangling car and the lights were on. Can you see it?

    Ok so lets do some catch up.

    My office Holiday Party was on the 15th and as the time was nearing for the party to start everyone was getting anxious and congregating in my area. YDH was just hanging out blowing his whistle when suddenly CG our HR guy came running over. What occurred next was pure craziness... CG attacked YDH!

    YDH turned it around and got the upper hand when CG backed up and came running at him again!
    I'm glad the holidays are over and I'm determined to be sitting on a beach somewhere warm next year or on a cruise. Mini Red is concerned with this idea but I suggested we take a Disney Cruise and she perked up. I am very serious about this but we will see.