March 8, 2006

Exciting Plants

In my home we have been growing an Amaryllis. I have recently seen some of these blooming in local stores but was ignorant to them in the past. My Roomate picked up this bulb and brought it back to life. I joined in on caring for it and watching in anticipation for something to happen.

FINALLY! It happened! Something was poking up from the bulb. The Roomie and I were so happy we were jumping up and down and hugging. After that it grew so fast it was amazing. As the first part pushed it way through to join this world, like a baby being born very slowly, I remarked that it looked very much like a tongue sticking out of the bulb.

It still took a couple of weeks before it bloomed so in my anticipation I googled the amaryllis to get an idea of what to expect. This led me to investigate other plants that might have exciting results with proper care.

I reviewed many plants but one caught my eye… The Butterfly Pea. The scientific name, Clitoria Ternatea, is what caught my eye. Clitoria???? Now I'm curious and I have to see a picture. Wow! It looks like one but purple.

I read "Clitoria Ternatea is one of the most amazing plants for hanging baskets…" This might just be the perfect hanging basket for my balcony. Needless to say, I have been very excited to share this information on this plant with friends. I love the reactions e.g. when Steve a/k/a Slut said, "Talk about a green tongue".