May 9, 2007

Can you see my ass in this?

I recently bought a new dress. I don’t have many skirts but I really don’t have any dresses because they don’t work well on me due to my heavier top half.

I tried on at least 10 dresses last Saturday and was really happy when I found one. It’s white with black flowers all over it. I’m a little uncomfortable and self conscious since this is not my usual, but I’m digging it.

I stepped out of work to run an errand and felt some stares. That’s when it hit me... My dress might be a bit see-through in the sun. Oh Shit! Nothing I could do at that point so I quickly finished my errand, raised my head high and got back to the office pronto.

Once back I informed Trish of my concern of this see-through dress. We looked around to see if there was any place the sun was shining through but unless I climbed on top of the desk and stood at the window we were out of luck. So Trish grabbed the lamp off her desk. The problem is it wouldn’t reach the floor so I held it upside down behind me. Trish moved to the other side of the room to see if the light shined through.

Looks like I was worried over nothing and the dress doesn’t appear to be see-through. We plan to get outside later and check it out for real.

Thank goodness for girlfriends, eh?